Photography By: 
Kyle Buchter

In a JK world, there is something nostalgic about experiencing Jeep before all the lift kits and various stylish upgrades.

The simplicity of the CJ-2A, M38, FC, 3B is what the laid the groundwork and building blocks for jeeps that followed like TJ, YJ, XJ and so on.

Sunday, June 12, in a quaint Pennsylvania town called Kempton, on the grounds of the Wanamaker, Kempton & Southern Railroad, dozens of pre-1970's jeeps came together for the Annual Great Willys Picnic.

Quadratec, along with Off Road Consulting, teamed up participated in the picnic as a Quadratec Meet and Greet.

Now these Willys may not have the newest LED lights or an angry grill, but each one has a unique look and story. Does your Jeep have a story? These vintage vehicles have a personality and just like an old farmer, you can read the history in the wrinkles and scars.

Now, most of these vehicles all came out to enjoy the picnic and great weather, but a few of the Willys weren't just there to show off their looks, they were put to work!

JB Stoltzfus and his CJ2A were busy churning delicious , PTO driven ice cream and root beer floats. And with the temperature warming to near 90 degrees, the ice cream was a very welcome treat.

Lime Street Carriage Works and Henry Welch represented the pre-1970s jeeps well with four Willys on display - driving them all the way from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The convoy included two CJ-2As, a CJ5 and a Willys Pick up.

Maine's East Coast Willys Association drove down to the picnic to promote their organization and their goal to preserve and promote the pre-1970 Jeep.

All together, 75 various Willys jeeps gathered for the Great Willys Picnic. From barn finds to family vehicles that have been passed down generations, the history and stories that surround these jeeps bring families and friends together to keep the Willys tradition alive.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Quadratec Meet and Greet at the Great Willys Picnic, and to the folks who make this event happen year after year.