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Home » Reader Rigs » 1987-1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ Reader Rigs

1987-1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ Reader Rigs

97 YJ by Moataz R. of Cairo ,Egypt
There is a new monster in Cairo
95 YJ by Raymond B. of St Augustine Florida
Rio Grande Edition
95 YJ by Johnny A. of Chaptico, Maryland
95 YJ
95 YJ Sahara by Mark B. of Clearfield, PA
Restoration Project
95 YJ by Brittainy of Tempe, AZ
Trail Ready YJ
95 YJ by Hadley F. of Lovell Wyoming
Birthday Gift
95 YJ by Wayne of Florida
YJ Giant
95 YJ by Chris L. of Norfolk, VA.
A new alternative to Plan B.
95 YJ by Paul S.
Built from the frame up
95 YJ by Hadley F. of Lovell, WY
Well built YJ
95 YJ by Zeke P. of Winter Haven Florida
95 YJ by Steven B. of Rivesville, WV
Almost Heaven
95 YJ by Alex L. of San Pedro, CA
95 YJ
95 & 89 YJ by Debbie & Ray F. of Prince Frederick, MD
Two nice YJ's to be proud of.
95 YJ by Robbie B. of Greene, NY
Restored YJ
95 YJ by Albert B. of San Antonio, TX.
Blacksheep of the family
95 YJ by Alfredo R. of Calgary Albeta, Canada
A Canadian Mud Machine
95 YJ by Connie M. of Riverton, WY
Recent purchase
95 YJ by Daniel K. of Bethlehem, NC
Milestone YJ
95 YJ by MARK R.
95 YJ
95 YJ by Steve P. of Massachusetts
Ninety Fy
95 YJ by Mark S. of Clearfield, PA
Biggest Jeep Maniac in the World.
95 YJ by Keith O. of Rainier, WA
Jeep Girl Inside
95 YJ by Talon M. of Mt. Holly Springs, PA
1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ
95 YJ by Bobby & Julie G. of Gainesville, GA
This Is What I Drive To Work Everyday
95 YJ by Bob P. of Doha, Qatar
Lavish some care on her!!
95 YJ by James R. of Altoona, Alabama
95 YJ
95 YJ by Deno K. of Greensboro, NC
95 YJ
95 YJ by Mike C. of Tuscumbia, Al
Long Time Jeep Fan!!
95 YJ by Bruce A. of Hiwasse, Arkansas
A loud and proud YJ.
95 YJ by Tyler of Farmingdale, New York
Up and Coming YJ
95 YJ by Scott of Gower Missouri
4 wheeling and crawling YJ
95 YJ by Gene of Missouri
95 YJ
95 YJ by Gary B. of Walhalla, SC
Rio Grande
95 YJ by Greg P. of Charlotte, NC
Work, Back and Anywhere Else In Between
95 YJ by Chris A. of Richmond, MI
A Candied Apple
95 YJ by Denny K of Rohnert Park, CA
Graduating to bigger plans
95 YJ by Trevor H. of Greeneville, TN
Greeneville YJ
95 YJ by Abbas F. of Cairo, Egypt
Military YJ
95 YJ by Dave M. Of Spartanburg, SC
Spartanburg YJ
95 YJ Rio Grande by Carr G. of Fayetteville, NC
Low miles deal.
95 YJ by Seth J. of Niles, Michigan
Mix between a daily driver and a trail ready Jeep.
95 YJ Sahara by Jeff S. of Nashville, Tn.
Restored from the ground up
95 YJ by Pete N. of Gahanna, OH
Mud Slingin' YJ
95 YJ by Billy B. of Sigonella Sicily, Italy
95 YJ
95 YJ by Troy of Oregon
Search & Rescue
95 YJ by Oliver G. of Kissimmii, FL
Still Running Strong
95 YJ by Sameh of Egypt
The monster of Egyptian Desert Dunes
95 YJ by Johnny W. of Charlottesville, Virginia
Not bad for what it is
95 YJ by Gary B. of Walhalla, SC
Rio Grande
95 YJ by Mike W. of Nanticoke PA.
Never Seen Mud. (YET)
95 YJ by Alan D. of Anaheim, CA
New to Me
95 YJ by Andy W. of Omaha, Nebraska
In honor to those that served
95 Wrangler Sahara by Shadi B. of Doha, Qatar
A desert wheeler
95 YJ by Rudy B. of Orlando, Fl.
Trail Blazer
95 YJ by Srdjan D. of Caldera, Chile
Military look YJ
95 YJ by David Y.
In need of some attention
95 YJ by Joseph L. of Gorham, New Hampshire
Still Much To Do YJ
95 YJ by Nick H. of Norfolk, VA
Daily Driven YJ
95 Wrangler by Lauri & Norm B. of Shady Cove, Oregon
Been Hooked Since Getting Stuck in a Puddle!
95 YJ by Brian S. of Newton, IA
A work in progress
95 YJ by Joe C. of West Wildwood, NJ
A YJ from the Jersey Shore!
95 YJ by Rob G. of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Close to the final touches on my rebuild!
95 YJ built by Michael L. of Enon OH
A well built YJ
95 YJ by Theo P. of Hickory, North Carolina
95 YJ
95 YJ by Trace T. of Norfolk, VA
Rio Grande YJ
95 YJ by Brittainy B. of Tempe, AZ
A Beautiful White YJ from Arizona!
95 YJ by Evan E. of Peahtree City, GA
Another vote for Team YJ!
95 YJ by Scott M. of Kingston PA
Kingston YJ
94 YJ by Damien L. of Aubern, CA
A young mans dream brings his YJ to reality
94 YJ by Mario P. from Canyon Lake, TX
Well Built Sahara YJ
94 YJ by Steve P. of Kent, London, UK
"Black Pearl"
94 YJ by Chris & Kimberly V. of North Bend, Oregon
1994 YJ Wrangler SE
94 YJ by Kevin C. of Calgary, Canada
Was a Stock Junker
94 YJ by Jeremy M. of Strongsville, Oh
A YJ that took up 4 garages
94 YJ by Richard L. of Norfolk, VA
Well equipped yet unused YJ
94 YJ by Ron R. of Franklinville, NJ
Wheeling in the Pines with the Jersey Devil!
94 YJ by Ron R. of Franklinville, NJ
Clean New Jersey YJ
94 YJ by Jason R. of Angola NY.
Two YJ Family
94 YJ by Pat M. of Northampton,PA
Building Up YJ
94 YJ Jeep Sahara by Drew D, of Virginia
A college students dream vehicle.
94 YJ by Chuck R. of Kingwood West Virginia
Off Road Bug
94 YJ by Mark S. of Prescott, Az
Never Enjoyed Driving More
94 YJ by Tim F. of New York
I'm Addicted
94 YJ by Ron R. of Lynchburg, Va
Bought it Bone Stock
94 YJ Sahara by Todd H. of Laramie, WY
Custom Drivetrain
94 YJ by Kevin H. of Belmont, NH
Cheap Jeep
94 YJ by Drew H. of West Valley City, UT
Driveway Poser and a YJ
94 YJ by Matt M. of Elsie, Michigan
The continuous project
94 YJ by Bill V. of North Port, Fl.
A YJ that's ready for the Mud!
94 YJ by Josh of Dallas/Forthworth, TX
Tougher than Nails
94 YJ Sahara by Gary R. of Des Moines, IA
Sahara Cowboy
94 YJ by Valera D. of Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Ready For Anything YJ
94 YJ by Clarence M. of Coshocton, Ohio
94 YJ by Kent K. of Lumberton, Texas
Allergic to dirt
94 YJ Wrangler by Kevin H of Belmont, NH
A little cash can go a long way!
94 YJ Wrangler by Drew H
This YJ Can Blaze Trails!
94 YJ by Colin G. East Greenville PA
94 YJ
94 YJ by David M. of Bozeman, MT
1994 Rio Grande
94 YJ by John B. of Chadds Ford, PA
Little Blue
94 YJ by Joe B. of Deridder, LA
1994 YJ
'94 YJ 4.0L by John L. of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Restored to the original beauty by the original owner
94 YJ by Mike K. of Chicago, IL
Fun time in the city
94 YJ by Kevin H. of Belmont, NH.
Project YJ
94 YJ by Danny and Suzanne K. of Mayer, Arizona
One slinky YJ.
94 YJ by Waleed A. of Mclean, VA.
94 YJ
94 YJ by Zac M. of Connellsville, Pa
Still baby it!
94 YJ by Tom P. of Parkville, Maryland
MY first YJ!
93 YJ by Steve P. of Kent, London, UK
93 YJ by Matt L. of Hubbardston, MA
1993 YJ built in Hubbardston MA
93 YJ by Daniel D. of Garner, NC
From North Carolina Comes this YJ
93 and 94 YJ by Steve P. of London, Kent
The Brits Are Coming!
93 YJ by William of Wilmington, NC
93 YJ
93 YJ Renegade by Jordan I. of Barrington, IL
93 YJ Renegade by Jordan I. of Barrington, IL
93 YJ by Dawn Catania of Lake Worth, Florida
1993 YJ
93 YJ by Glenn R. of Olathe, KS
Hardcore Moab YJ
93 YJ by Joe C. of Niagara Falls, NY
Work in Progress
93 YJ by Kevin H. of Denver, CO
Jurassic YJ
93 YJ by Justin S. of San Angelo, TX
YJ at the end of the rainbow
93 YJ Sport by Jim J. of Hesperia, CA
Original YJ
93 YJ by Tim T.
Silver Bullet
93 YJ by Neil S. of Ogden, UT
Built not bought
93 YJ by Rick L. of Wayne, NJ
A New Jersey YJ worth seeing
93 YJ by Russ L. of Corunna, Ontario Canada
YJ from the Great White North.
93 YJ by Kelly K. of Sparrows Point, Maryland
My 1st Jeep
93 YJ by Mario & Desiree P. of Guatemala
Our Beautiful Toy
93 YJ by Philip S. of Lafayette, TN
Quadratec - A Great Place To Shop!
93 YJ by Trevor L.
1993 Renegade
93 YJ by Geno B. of Boise, Idaho
The Apeman
93 YJ by Andrew R. of Houston, Txs
Long time Jeep fan.
93 YJ by Adrian M.
Florida YJ
93 YJ by Lee and Stacie S.
93 YJ
93 YJ by Nate G. of Sloansville, New York
93 YJ
93 YJ by Tobias C. of Des moines, Iowa
YJ from Iowa
93 YJ by Travis J. of Morehead, KY
I Enjoy It More Every Day
93 YJ by Brian G. of Glendale, AZ
Night Time Romps in the Desert
93 YJ Garrison G. of Mulliken, MI
1993 YJ
93 YJ by Bob K. of Boerne, Texas
For people that have a little class and like the cool colors.
93 YJ by Chris K. of Petoskey, MI
The Strangler
93 YJ by Chips of Kent, UK
"redneck wrangler"
93 YJ by Gino and Dana B. of Homer City, PA.
Restored YJ
93 YJ by Tino C. of Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands
One of Europes finest.
93 YJ by Chip of Kent, UK
YJ vs. Tank
93 YJ by Ziad K. of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
93 YJ by Wes H. of Beech Creek, Pennsylvania
93 YJ
93 YJ by Charley F. of Muskogee Oklahoma
93 YJ
93 YJ by Ron S. Nevada City, CA
A clean YJ for the team!
93 YJ by Scott F. of Apple Valley Ca.
A fine addition to Team YJ!
93 YJ by Deonn K. of Inman, SC.
93 YJ
92 YJ by Dustin L. of Laurelville, Ohio
Woods Bound YJ
92 YJ by Josh W. of Moline, IL
This 4 Banger Can Eat Up the Trails!
92 YJ by Josh W. of Moline, IL
Trail Bound YJ
92 YJ by Robby W. of Lorton, VA
A new drivers love affair
92 YJ by Ryan of Grass Valley, California
Grass Valley YJ
92 YJ by Valerie R. of Plantation, FL
My Offroad Baby
92 YJ by Sam B. of Murfreesboro, TN
92 YJ by Jay C. of Waterbury, CT
Chrome YJ
92 YJ by Dave A. of Santa Rosa, CA
92 YJ
92 YJ by Taylor O.
92 YJ
92 YJ by Mike S. of Stone Harbor, NJ
92 YJ by Allen L. of Amarillo, TX
One hardcore YJ
92 YJ by Jeff H. of Twin Falls Idaho
92 YJ
92 YJ by Hugo V. of Canutillo, Texas
Texas YJ
92 YJ by Dustin L. of Laurelville, OH
Wheelin' his YJ in Ohio!
92 Wrangler YJ Sahara Editon by Cory W. of Huntington Beach, Ca
Keep it in the Family
91 YJ by Brian E. from Twin falls ID
A Wilderness Ready YJ
91 YJ by Mike of Oregon
Old Guys Rule
91 YJ by David C. of Woodbridge, VA
A Beast of a YJ!!
91 YJ by Ryan M. of Leesville, LA
America's Finest
91 YJ by Jason C. of Bronx, NY
Bronx Crawler
91 YJ by Dave E. of Greenville, NC
All Original
91 YJ by Edward F. of Turlock, Ca.
Red Rider
91 Wrangler YJ By. Jake V. Jacksonville,NC
The headers were custom fabricated.
91 YJ by AJ DeSantiago of Valencia, Spain
Jeeps in Spain
91 YJ by Bob L. of Everett WA.
No Lies
91 YJ by Bob Q. of Utah
Eat Dirt
91 YJ by Dean R. of Brooklet, GA
Empowering YJ
91 YJ by Jose of Ibiza, Spain
No better car for Ibiza
91 YJ by Michael S.
250,000 miles and still going
91 YJ by Marie J.
Miss Marie
91 YJ by Wes J. of Oregon
91 Islander
91 YJ built by Red B. of Colorado Springs, CO
New paint and some flashy chrome make this Jeep a real looker.
91 YJ by DJ R. of Scranton, PA
Lime Green YJ
91 YJ by Jonathan G. of Harrisburg, Pa
A Jeep to be Proud of
91 YJ Renegade by Jimmy H. Mechanicsville, Maryland
Renegade YJ
91 YJ by Jay O.
All built not bought
91 YJ by Ross B. of Anchorage, Alaska
Snow Plow Jeep
90 YJ by Robert J. of Alberta Canada
The Black Dog of Canada
90 YJ by Deek H. of Indiana
Fun with the family
90 YJ by Tim W. of Claremont, NC
1990 YJ
90 YJ by Len H. of Ashland, PA
Ashland YJ
90 YJ by Michael W. of Hatch, NM
Snowball In The Desert
90 YJ by Kevin P. of Wyoming
Military Jeeper
90 YJ by Philip M. of College Station, TX
You'll Definitely Be Seeing More Green From Me
90 YJ by Ben L. of Brownsville, Tn
90 YJ
90 YJ by Jim C. of Millington, NJ
1990 YJ
90 'something YJ from Rob T. of Binghamton, NY
Learning to Wheel with the Big Boys!
90 YJ by Randall W. of Dalzell, SC
Coming along good
90 YJ by Joe of Utah
Junkyard Jeep Resurection
90 YJ Islander by Steve S. of Stokesdale, NC
Everything but fuel injection
90 YJ by Jim M. of Boise, Idaho
1990 YJ
90 YJ by Steven G. of Benton, KY
Captain Steve
90 YJ by Ryan W. of Colbert, OK
Midwest Sahara
90 YJ by Jackie K. of Vancouver, BC Canada
Here's a totally clean YJ that's got it where it counts
90 YJ by Phillip M. of College Station, TX
An old YJ is given a new life by a young college student
90 YJ by Justin M. of Minot, ND
A few dents, Chips & Scratches
90 YJ by Steven G. of Benton, Kentucky
90 YJ
90 YJ by Dave S. Battle Creek, MI
A spring over axle YJ
90 YJ by Dan W of Cincinnati, OH
A YJ that came back from the grave.
90 YJ by Ayren S. of Hopewell Junction, NY
A well built New York YJ
89 YJ Islander by Allen O. of Hollister, MO
Not your average trip to the islands.
89 YJ by Darren S. of Calgary Alberta, Canada
A Small Block from Canada
89 YJ by Robert D. of Midlothian, VA
Stripped & Dipped
89 Wrangler YJ By Ray H. Camino,CA
89 YJ by Rocco R. of Brooklyn, NY
"One of a Kind" YJ
89 YJ by Christopher E. of Johnson City, TN
Marine's YJ
89 YJ by Ken S. of Lake Hopatcong, NJ
Jersey YJ
89 Wrangler YJ by CPT. Aaron B of Ft. Drum, NY
Check this MEAN YJ out!
89 YJ by Jake B. of Salem, Oregon
1989 YJ
89 YJ by Scott A. of Bennettsville, South Carolina
Carolina YJ
89 YJ by David A. & David A. II of Boonville, IN
"Big Red" Lives in Indiana
89 YJ by Jorge R. of Mcrae, GA
Good Project
88 YJ by Chad H.
88 YJ
88 YJ by Devon T. of Moonstone, Ontario
1988 Wrangler YJ Laredo
88 YJ by Devon T. of Moonstone, Ontario
1988 Wrangler YJ Laredo
88 YJ by Randy B. of Medford Or.
88 Wrangler Sahara
88 YJ by Coltin S. of Missoula, MT
Just the begining of the wish list
88 YJ by John T. of Champlain, NY
Striped It Down
88 YJ by Joe L. of Albany, NY
1988 Sahara
88 YJ by Nick D. of Avoca, PA
Diamond Plate Wrangler
88 YJ by Steve T. of Lyndhurst, Va.
Six in a Row
88 YJ by Juan C. of Honduras, Central America
Central American YJ
88 YJ by Erik B. of Windsor, Ontario, Canada
88 YJ by Bill W. of Mantua N.J.
88 YJ
88 YJ by Dave L. of Nampa, Idaho
YJ Sahara
88 YJ by Patrick B. of LaPorte, Indiana
Labor of Love
88 YJ by Greg B. of Thornton, Ontario, Canada
Canadian Offroading
88 YJ by Brian V. of Kingsport, TN
1988 YJ
88 YJ by Alain of Belgium
Shauny's Ride
88 YJ by Jamie M. of
Slick with mud
88 YJ by James P. of Folkston, GA
88 YJ
87 YJ by Mike S. of Mt Morris ,MI
87 YJ
87 YJ by Patrick C. of Blackwood, NJ
Restored 87 YJ
87 YJ by Brad H. of Sweetwater, TX
A project YJ
87 YJ by Joe G. of Greenwood, MO
The Black Pearl, Arrrrrrrrrr matey's!
87 YJ by Jason T. of Shapleigh, ME
Revvin' Hard
87 YJ by Alex S. of Hampton, VA
Bought it Bone Stock.
87 YJ by Mike I. of NJ
6 wheeler
87 YJ by Justin H. of Downingtown, PA.
Upgrades Coming...
87 YJ built by Ron M. of Brooklyn, NY
A Great Find In Downtown Brooklyn Becomes An Awesome Daily Driver
87 YJ by Steven of Springfield, Oregon
YJ Graduation Present

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