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K&N Drycharger Filter Wrap in Black for RC-4690 Air Filters

The Quadratec® Difference
Catalog #: 17007.1044
K&N Part #: RC-4690DK
The K&N Drycharger® is a silicone treated, polyester wrap that is made to cover K&N Air Filters or Personal Watercraft Flame Arrestors. These Drychargers, which are similar to the K&N Prechargers, contain uniform micron sized openings that allow high air flow. Yet, due to the Drychargers silicone treated polyester wrap, the amount of water that reaches the air filter or flame arrestor is limited.

DryCharger® - K&N DryChargers are manufactured from a durable polyester material and are pre-treated with a proprietary hydrophobic process designed to prevent splashes of water or mud from saturating your K&N air filter. The DryCharger will also stop small dirt particles; yet add little restriction to the airflow of the filter. Please be aware the DryCharger is water repellent, not water proof. Depending on conditions and usage the water repellent treatment is good for 1 to 2 years.

Installation Notes
Installation Difficulty:
Level 1Beginner
Installation Time: Less than an hour
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Filter Wrap

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