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Flex-a-lite® Flex-a-Chill™ Coolant Additive - 12oz Bottle

The Quadratec® Difference
Catalog #: 52250.9002
Flex-a-lite® Part #: 50016
Flex-a-lite Flex-a-chill™ is compatible with all types of antifreeze, and it provides 100-percent corrosion protection with straight water. It utilizes corrosion-inhibitor technology validated by ASTM testing, preventing scale and blockage inside the cooling system. Flex-a-chill™ is environmentally friendly, race-track surface approved and 100-percent water-soluble so it leaves no films behind. No additional lubricants are necessary. One 12 oz. bottle of Flex-a-chill™ is good for 12-16 quarts with a minimum of 20-percent antifreeze for street applications. Racing applications should double the ratio.