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Gale Banks Engineering Stinger® -Plus System is no longer available

Gale Banks Engineering Stinger® -Plus System for 1999 (early) Ford F-450/550 with 7.3L Power Stroke Diesel and Manual Transmission


Banks Stinger-Plus utilizes Quick-Turbo® to cut out turbo lag and strengthen turbo performance. Best gains of +91 hp and +162 lb-ft torque deliver more guts when you need 'em, with 11% better fuel economy as you haul a trailer or big load. If you like all that pulling-muscle delivered with a kick, Stinger-Plus is an excellent choice.


Banks Ram-Air® filter

Banks Ram-Air filter is a lifetime, high-flow air-cleaner element that decreases intake restriction and sends more cool, dense ram-air into your engine. Even wet or dirty, Banks Ram-Air filters outperform conventional ones, because the multi-layer design traps moisture, dust and debris on the oiled, outer surface, allowing air to move through with ease. Includes a service kit for use every 30-50,000 miles.

OttoMind® Module

Banks' electronic OttoMind engine calibration module perfects the air-fuel ratio, maintains exhaust gas temperatures (EGT) safely at or below the stock recommendation, and tunes low-end torque for strong acceleration and load-pulling capability. Unlike "fits-all" chips that provide crude fuel increases, OttoMind precisely matches fuel delivery to Banks' airflow improvements, so your diesel engine will last its 300-400,00-mile lifetime. Each OttoMind is calibrated to a specific, corresponding Power Stroke engine code.

Quick-Turbo® assembly

Banks developed the Quick-Turbo in conjunction with the Holset turbocharger and Cummins Engine companies, to eliminate sluggishness "out of the hole" and produce strong acceleration. Quick-Turbo produces massive torque right from idle, achieves a higher peak faster, maintains more boost through the powerband, and doesn't over-boost. Banks' exclusive BigHead wastegate actuator prevents "wastegate blow-open" by keeping the valve seated at higher pressures, increasing mid-range torque and top-end power.

Monster® muffler

Replaces the factory's restrictive muffler with Banks' polished-stainless steel Monster muffler, featuring a straight-through 4"-diameter flow-path with Banks' designed expansion chamber, which dissipates the annoying mid-range exhaust drone so prominent in competitors’ straight-through mufflers. Utilizes spun ceramic, very-high-temperature packing. Delivers an authoritative—but never intrusive—exhaust sound.

Monster® exhaust

Banks Monster exhaust outflows stock and the competition. Banks' constant-diameter Monster T.O.P. (turbine-outlet pipe) flows better than the stock piece and preserves diesel durability by keeping the turbine-outlet EGT safely at or below factory specs. The streamlined exhaust pipe and 4" tailpipe are formed of stainless, heavy-wall tubing with constant-diameter bends to slash backpressure. Huge 5" polished-stainless steel tailpipe tip sports a rolled edge. Double-walled design with ½" air gap keeps heat from tarnishing exterior mirror finish. Adjustable clamp for positioning on tailpipe.

DynaFact® gauges

Superior precision and durability are hallmarks of Banks DynaFact gauges. The pyrometer provides exhaust gas temperature (EGT) measurements that are accurate within ±15° F at maximum operating temperatures. Its spring-loaded jeweled movement is resistant to vibration and sports a lit, easy-to-read 0-1500° F face. Banks’ 0-40 psi boost gauge monitors power and turbo performance. Includes 2-gauge mounting panel. Top-mount and pillar-mount options available.

Stinger-Plus system Stock Banks Improvement Results
Horsepower, peak to peak 212.2 hp (2600 rpm) 284.7 hp (2900 rpm) +72.5 horsepower 34% more, peak-to-peak
Horsepower, best gain 180.3 hp (3200 rpm) 271.1 hp (3200 rpm) +90.8 horsepower 50% more (3200 rpm)
Torque, peak to peak 463.1 lb-ft (1800 rpm) 616.0 lb-ft (1800 rpm) +152.9 lb-ft torque 33% more, peak-to-peak
Torque, best gain 453.5 lb-ft (1700 rpm) 615.6 lb-ft (1700 rpm) +162.1 lb-ft torque 36% more (1700 rpm)
Exhaust backpressure (at equal airflow) 2.1 psi 0.3 psi -1.8 psi 86% less backpressure
Air cleaner vacuum (at equal airflow) 15.2 in/H2O 6.9 in/H2O -8.3 in/H2O 55% less restriction
Peak boost 17.5 psi 24.0 psi +6.5 psi 37% more boost
Time to achieve 12 lb. boost 6.80 sec 4.57 sec -2.23 sec 33% quicker
Solo: 0-60 mph acceleration, time 12.21 sec 9.35 sec -2.86 sec 23% quicker
Solo: 0-60 mph acceleration, distance 693 ft 520 ft -173 ft 25% less distance
Solo: 40-60 mph acceleration, time 6.36 sec 5.04 sec -1.32 sec 21% quicker
Solo: 40-60 mph acceleration, distance 498 ft 388 ft -110 ft 22% less distance
Towing: 0-60 mph acceleration, time 30.86 sec 22.98 sec -7.88 sec 26% quicker
Towing: 0-60 mph acceleration, distance 1,942 ft 1,411 ft -531 ft 27% less distance
Towing: 40-60 mph acceleration, time 16.90 sec 12.34 sec -4.56 sec 27% quicker
Towing: 40-60 mph acceleration, distance 1,406 ft 1,021 ft -385 ft 27% less distance
Hill-climb speed, towing (maximum speed achieved on 7% grade) 52 mph 67 mph +15 mph 29% faster
Fuel economy, towing (maintaining 60 mph on 106-mile loop rising to 7% grade) 9.17 mpg 10.20 mpg +1.03 mpg 11% better mileage
Installation Notes
Installation Difficulty:
Level 3Advanced
Installation Time: 4-6 hours
Parts Included

Banks Ram-Air® filter and service kit
Electronic OttoMind® engine-calibration module
Quick-Turbo® turbine housing with BigHead® wastegate actuator
Stainless Monster® T.O.P. turbine-outlet pipe with heat shielding
Stainless, low-restriction Dynaflow® muffler and 3.5" tailpipe with 4" tip
DynaFact® pyrometer, boost gauge and 2-gauge mounting panel
Comprehensive Owner's Installation Manual