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Gale Banks Engineering Sidewinder Turbo for 85-87 GM 3500HD 6.2L Non-Turbo Diesel Standard Cab 2wd

Catalog #: 77606.382
Gale Banks Engineering Part #: 25040

Banks' ultimate upgrade for 6.2L workhorses provides best gains of +60 hp and +115 lb-ft torque, plus 10% better fuel economy. That's no smoke!


In 1989, GM selected Banks as the 6.2L factory-turbo option, and remained so until GM released their own 6.5L turbo-diesel. To this day, Banks Sidewinder out-performs GM's 6.5L factory-turbo–or any other turbo. Banks-built turbocharged vehicles that earned world championships in speed and endurance tests led to the development of the Sidewinder turbocharger.

Banks utilizes a turbine that outlasts and out-performs the competition because it's bigger and more efficient than the rest. The high-capacity Sidewinder compressor produces more boost and a greater volume of cooler air than the competitors' antique-style, smaller units. Banks lessens backpressure and lowers EGTs, for more power and mileage and quick response right off the line. Assembly also includes: turbo exhaust manifold, pressure-chamber plenum, boost tube, special radiator hose and crankcase vent duct.

Banks Ram-Air intake includes a cast-aluminum filter housing plus lifetime, high-flow Banks Ram-Air filter that decreases intake restriction and sends more cool, dense ram-air into your engine. Even wet or dirty, Banks Ram-Air filters outperform conventional ones, because the multi-layer design traps moisture, dust and debris on the oiled, outer surface, allowing air to move through with ease. Includes a service kit for use every 30-50,000 miles. Banks' inlet hose even has a water/debris separator and eliminates the need for an intake silencer.

Banks Monster exhaust outflows stock and the competition. Banks' constant-diameter Monster T.O.P. turbine-outlet pipe flows better than the stock piece and preserves diesel durability by keeping the turbine-outlet EGT safely at or below factory specs. The streamlined exhaust pipe and 3" tailpipe are formed of aluminized, heavy-wall tubing with constant-diameter bends to slash backpressure. The polished-stainless 3.5" tailpipe tip provides a handsome finishing touch.

Banks replaces the factory's restrictive muffler with an aluminized, free-flowing Dynaflow muffler that contributes greatly to eliminating exhaust backpressure. Instead of using packing that can blow out the tailpipe, Banks Dynaflow is resonance-tuned to dispel exhaust gases through a suite of chambers and 3" outlet. Dynaflow produces an exhaust sound that's authoritative, yet civilized.

Banks DynaFact pyrometer protects engine life and fuel economy with precision exhaust-gas temperature (EGT) measurements, accurate within ±15° F at maximum operating temperatures. The pyro's spring-loaded, jeweled mo vement is resistant to vibration and sports a lit, easy-to-read 0-1500° F face. Banks' 0-15 psi boost gauge monitors power, turbo performance, and tells you when the air cleaner needs servicing. Includes 2-gauge mounting panel.

Installation Notes
Installation Difficulty:
Level 2Intermediate
Parts Included

Banks Ram-Air intake with cast air-filter housing
Air-inlet hose with water/debris separator
Lifetime filter and service kit
Sidewinder turbo with turbocharger exhaust manifold
Pressure-chamber-plenum boost tube
Special radiator hose and crankcase-vent duct
Monster T.O.P. turbine-outlet pipe with heat shielding
Aluminized, low-restriction Dynaflow muffler
Aluminized, constant-diameter Monster exhaust with 3" tailpipe
3.5" polished-stainless tailpipe tip
Formed-metal heat shielding
DynaFact pyrometer, boost gauge and 2-gauge mounting panel
Comprehensive Owner's Installation Manual.

Heavy-duty vehicles: GVW 8600# and above w/o EGR
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