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PowerTank® MON-7105 5 Piece Mini Monster Valves

Catalog #: 92042.9062
PowerTank® Part #: MON-7105
If you want an ECONOMICAL yet SUPER FAST way to deflate your big tires here it is. MINI MONSTERS are deflation valves that are easily installed into your wheels. With a twist of the little knob your tire pressures will drop quickly. They will deflate a 35" tire faster than 1 PSI per second. These are also great for deflating RV tires before going on the sand. To install just drill a 7/16" hole, tap it with a 1/4" pipe thread tap, and screw the valves in. No tire removal is necesary. These are also available in sets of four valves and with a clip-on pressure gauge so you know when to shut the valves at the right pressure.