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PowerTank® Super Flow HPX Regulator Kit for Power Tank

The Quadratec® Difference
Catalog #: 92042.9156
PowerTank® Part #: REG-7000
Our SuperFlow HPX Regulator Kit features our newest patented Power Tank Superflow HPX high performance CO2 regulator. Each SuperFlow HPX regulator pumps out an amazing 31 cfm maximum flow rate at the regulator outlet. Despite this unprecedented flow rate in a CO2 regulator we guarantee that it will never "freeze clog" like all others do and we back it with a limited lifetime warranty. No other CO2 system can match our performance or our warranty. Now you can get the awesome performance of our newest Power Tank at a more affordable price, you supply the CO2 tank. This complete kit includes our new SuperFlow HPX regulator, our solid aluminum Power Grip guard to protect the valve assembly, and our 25' HP-1100 SuperFlex coiled hose kit. Our adjustable SuperFlow HPX regulator is designed to inflate tires with lightning fast speed, run air tools, re-seat tires, operate ARB lockers, etc. Maximum Outlet Pressure: 200 PSI.