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Daystar® Winch Hook/Hi-Lift Handle Isolator Combo

The Quadratec® Difference
Catalog #: 92125.132
Daystar® Part #: KU70047BK
Why didn't somebody think of this years ago? This Kit is a must have for any Hi-Lift/Winch owner. These handy 1" thick polyurethane blocks simply slip over the jack handle and the jack's "I" beam to keep them parallel and secured together. No more out-of-control handles and that constant "clanging" of the two. Fits all Hi-Lift brand jacks. With the Winch Isolator thread your winch cable through the Isolator Block to provide a cushioned tension when the winch line is fully spooled. Secures standard winch hooks against the roller fairlead to eliminate annoying chatter.
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