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Stock or wide, factory look or flat. There are so many different options these days if those generic factory flares are just not cutting it any more for you, or if you need some larger ones to cover those bigger tires you just put on the vehicle.

For many, the stock flares simply do not make the grade any longer after awhile. It may just be the UV fade that turns them into a white-grayish mess that nothing seems to clean off. Many aftermarket versions fix this problem with UV treatments that keep them looking fresh for years. For others, that offroad itch can bring new suspension lifts and larger tires which can require bigger flares to cover. These kits do come in a variety of sizes, but they also can be customized to look more aggressive with a flat fender appearance, or remain with a factory look. Most new kits also include all the hardware needed for installation so swapping out kits will not take all weekend.