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Removing your Jeep hardtop can be a somewhat tricky process as it's not like a soft top that folds down and goes wherever you go. You'll need friends to help pull the thing off, and then somewhere safe to store it to prevent damage. While storage carts can help, hardtop hoists provide the overall best peace of mind.

These hoists offer either a manual or power option, or can even pair with a cart for the ultimate in storage and safety. You can hook them up inside a garage or carport and, once installed, simply attach the hoist frame to the detached hardtop, and crank it off the vehicle using the manual or powered crank. These hoists are even strong enough to suspend the top until you are ready to attach it back on the Jeep. Or, with the cart option, you can lower the top on the cart and safely store it away. And the best part, this is all a one person job.