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GenRight Off Road Off Road Power Steering Cooler

Catalog #: 12248.1500
GenRight Off Road Part #: STK-1320

This 8-1/8" Wide x 5" tall x 3/4" deep, four-pass, tube-fin heat exchanger improves the longevity and overall functioning of your vehicle's power steering system. High quality copper tubing with aluminum fins. This cooler cuts back on heat-related pump failures and extends the life of both pump and seal. Designed with copper tubing expanded into aluminum fins for maximum heat transfer. Copper is the best material for conducting the heat out of the fluid while aluminum is ideal for transferring and dissipating that heat. This cooler also provides protection during installation with extruded plastic fin guards. Includes rubber hose with stainless steel clamps and all necessary mounting hardware. Perhaps the simplest type of heat exchanger, the tube-fin effectively cools a variety of automotive systems. The concept is simple: Fluid cools as it travels through the core by transferring heat out to the fins. The fins then provide the surface area necessary for sufficient heat exchange to take place, allowing the heat pulled from the fluid to dissipate into the surrounding air. Quick, easy and effective.
Made in the USA!

  • Inlets: 11/32" hose barb
  • Overall dimensions: 8-1/8" wide x 5" tall x 3/4" deep
  • Core length: 5-1/4"
  • Distance between inlets: 3-3/4"
Installation Notes
Installation Difficulty:
Level 3Advanced
Installation Time: 2-4 hours
Parts Included

1 Power Steering Cooler
Installation Hardware

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