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Pro Comp A/T Sport Tire Qty.4

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The all new Pro Comp A/T Sport can take you wherever you want to go. Whether you are trying to navigate to that killer kayaking spot, seeking to make the first tracks on a fresh powder day, or just want to get away from civilization, Pro Comp’s new A/T Sport is the tire to get you to your next adventure. The A/T Sport is capable on any terrain while maintaining quiet on-road manners and backed with a 60-day trial period and 60,000 mile treadwear warranty.
  • Sweeping groove technology increases traction and stability in all road conditions
  • Staggered design increases grip in all-terrain and inclement weather environments by clawing the driven surface
  • Side holder lugs greatly improve traction in all-terrain environments and all-weather conditions while increasing puncture resistance
  • All-Terrain compound formulated for the optimum performance across wet, dry, on- and off-road surfaces
  • Multi-pitch variation quiet ride assurance – alternating tread blocks reduce pitch noise as the noise from one block pitch is canceled out by another
Installation Notes
Installation Difficulty:
Level 4Experts Only
1. We recommend that tires be installed by a certified installation center.
Installation Time: Less than an hour
Parts Included
4 Radial Tires
60,000 Mile Warranty.
  • Rim Size: 15.0 or 16.0 or 17.0 or 18.0 or 20.0
  • Tire Height: 31.00" or 33.00" or 35.00" or 29.30" or 30.50" or 29.50" or 30.60" or 31.70" or 31.60" or 32.80" or 34.60" or 32.70" or 32.60" or 34.40" or 37.00" or 32.40" or 33.20" or 33.90"
  • Tire Width: 10.5 or 12.5 or 8.9 or 9.6 or 10.4 or 9.3 or 11.2 or 12.0 or 12.4 or 10.8 or 11.6
  • Published Size: 31x10.50R15 or 33x12.50R15 or 35x12.50R15 or 225/75R16 or 245/75R16 or 245/70R16 or 265/70R16 or 235/85R16 or 265/75R16 or 285/75R16 or 305/70R16 or 315/75R16 or 265/65R17 or 265/70R17 or 285/70R17 or 305/65R17 or 315/70R17 or 37X12.50R17 or 305/60R18 or 35x12.50R18 or 275/60R20 or 305/55R20 or 295/60R20 or 35X12.50R20 or 37X12.50R20
  • Tire Style: Radial
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Part NumberCatalog #OptionPrice
KIT OF 492609.1600.P431x10.50R15$619.96
KIT OF 492609.1601.P433x12.50R15$739.96
KIT OF 492609.1602.P435x12.50R15$883.96
KIT OF 492609.1603.P4225/75R16$607.96
KIT OF 492609.1604.P4245/75R16$659.96
KIT OF 492609.1605.P4245/70R16$611.96
KIT OF 492609.1606.P4265/70R16$619.96
KIT OF 492609.1607.P4235/85R16$639.96
KIT OF 492609.1608.P4265/75R16$703.96
KIT OF 492609.1609.P4285/75R16$787.96
KIT OF 492609.1610.P4305/70R16$839.96
KIT OF 492609.1611.P4315/75R16$859.96
KIT OF 492609.1612.P4265/65R17$759.96
KIT OF 492609.1613.P4265/70R17$779.96
KIT OF 492609.1614.P4285/70R17$919.96
KIT OF 492609.1615.P4305/65R17$1,099.96
KIT OF 492609.1616.P4315/70R17$1,079.96
KIT OF 492609.1617.P437x12.50R17$1,199.96
KIT OF 492609.1618.P4305/60R18$1,119.96
KIT OF 492609.1619.P435x12.50R18$1,147.96
KIT OF 492609.1620.P4275/60R20$959.96
KIT OF 492609.1621.P4305/55R20$1,303.96
KIT OF 492609.1622.P4295/60R20$1,171.96
KIT OF 492609.1623.P435x12.50R20$1,319.96
KIT OF 492609.1624.P437x12.50R20$1,399.96
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