Your Jeep Wrangler JK is made to explore. And most likely, at some point, you'll find yourself off-pavement somewhere - whether it is something planned or just a spur of the moment thing. And when that happens, there is always the possibility of getting stuck or coming across another vehicle that is disabled. So to prepare for that possibility, it is always a great idea to include recovery items (self or assisted types) on all your travels.

Assisted recovery items are parts that will help another vehicle pull your JK Wrangler free of whatever problematic situation you encounter, or will help you pull someone else free. The parts include things like tow or snatch straps that can attach to another vehicle with D-rings or tow attachment points. As far as straps go, snatch straps work best to yank a vehicle from a stuck situation as the strap is flexible. Tow straps, on the other hand, are best to pull a non-functioning vehicle longer distances off the trail and back to camp or town. Many JK Wrangler drivers include both in their vehicles so they can be prepared for whatever situation arises.

Self-recovery products are great parts to help pull your own JK Wrangler out of trouble when it occurs, and a winch is the ultimate accessory to make that possible. As you may already know, most off-road clubs and 4x4 off-road parks require all vehicles to have a winch installed before they can proceed. But choosing the right winch for your JK Wrangler can get complicated as there are different pulling capacities, line types and speeds, and solenoid mountings.

Making sure you have enough winch for your JK is as simple as taking your vehicle's Gross Weight rating and multiplying it by 1.5. For example, if the GVWR is 5,000 lbs then an 8,000 lb winch would work. However, but many JK Wrangler owners prefer either a 9,000 or 9,500 pound winch for the added power as challenging and hilly terrain can put extra demand on the winch. If you wish, you can even look at a winch with an even higher pulling capacity winch as there is no detriment except expense.

One other key factor is line type and length. For most, about 80-100 feet of line is more than adequate to accomplish off-road recovery as the more line length added, the more line speed drops. Many winches these days still ship with a wire rope included, which is durable, heat-resistant and more resistant to abrasion than synthetic line. However, synthetic rope has become extremely popular recently because it is lighter than wire yet stronger and, in case of breakage, simply drops dead instead of snapping back like wire.

Finally, every winch utilizes either an integrated or remote solenoid pack. A solenoid is basically the electrical components which helps activate the winch and supplies the current so neither the switch nor motor are damaged. An integrated solenoid means it is part of the winch housing, and sits above the motor to eliminate extra wiring, while essentially forming a 'bridge' over the winch that effectively protects it from possible impact damage. A remote solenoid, on the other hand, is externally mounted and traditionally sits to the side in order to protect against excessive heat from the motor. This way, the winch does not shut off from overheating.

Winch accessory items for JK Wranglers include parts like Hi-lift jacks, shovels, fire extinguishers, first aid kits and gloves - all of which can augment any recovery kit, while different winch mounting solutions allow you the ability to attach a winch to either the JK Wrangler factory bumper or an aftermarket version.

Quadratec Q-Series Self Recovery Winches with Synthetic Rope
Quadratec's legendary Q-Series Winches are now available with Dyneema® Synthetic winch line.
From $449.99
Quadratec Q-Series Self Recovery Winches with Integrated Solenoid
Engineered specifically for Jeep Wrangler, our NEW integrated solenoid winches deliver increased line pull ratings for extra pulling capacity with the same great features as our Standard Q-Series winches.
Q-Series Integrated Solenoid Winches From $359.99
Quadratec Q10,000c Competition Winch
Purpose built for serious off roaders, our Competition winch combines the muscle you need with all of the features you want.
From $599.99
Quadratec Q-Series Dyneema Synthetic Line
Whether you’re replacing a worn out synthetic winch line or upgrading your winch from steel cable, a Dyneema winch line from Quadratec is a great value. Dyneema is an ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber that was developed in the Netherlands.
Dyneema Synthetic Line $219.99
Warn Zeon Platinum Winches
Warns acclaimed ZEON winch just got better. Featuring a Advanced Wireless Remote with remote clutch, vehicle battery feedback, and even auxiliary controls for lights and more.
Zeon Platinum Winches From $1,499.99
Warn Zeon Winches
With a modern rugged design, upgraded internal components, and increased performance and durability, ZEON™ is a new name from the most trusted name in winches.
Zeon Winches From $879.99
Rock Hard 4x4 Winch Mounting Plate
If you are looking to mount a winch without changing your front bumper, Rock Hard 4x4 has you covered. This Winch Mount fits most brand winches with a standard bolt pattern to the factory front bumper or optional factory tubular bumpers.
Rock Hard 4x4 Winch Mounting Plate $169.99
Smittybilt Gen 2 Winches
The Gen2 series of Smittybilt X2O and XRC winches have been thoroughly updated with heavy-duty features for enhanced performance.
Smittybilt Gen2 Winches From $299.99
Quadratec Mechanic Style Recovery Gloves
Quadratec's Mechanic Style Recovery Gloves feature cowhide palms with SBR padding to combat your hands from cable burrs and rope burns, while a combination of synthetic leather and neoprene lines the glove allowing excellent breathability and functional dexterity.
Mechanic Gloves Pair in Large or XL $14.99
Winch Covers
Protect your investment and keep your winch looking like new with a winch cover.
Q9500i Stealth Winch with Synthetic Winch Line
In celebration of Quadratec’s 25th Anniversary.
  • Superior Off Road Durability
  • Pre-Assembled & Pre-Wired
Q9500i Stealth Winch From $499.99
 Quadratec Offroad Winch Accessory Kit
Kit includes a tree trunk protector, a recovery strap, pair of 3/4" D-ring shackles, a snatch block, winch line dampener and mechanic style gloves.
Offroad Winching Accessory Kit ONLY $99.99
Factor 55 Winch Accessories
Eliminate the conventional winch hook and replace it with a safer and stronger FlatLink shackle thimble and D-ring. Industry’s first folding shackle mount for recovery winches.
Factor 55 Winch Accessories From $23.99
Quadratec D-Rings Shackles
Grab a few extras or replace those nasty, rusted and bent rings. Our 3/4” D-Rings feature 7/8” diameter screw pins with a 4-3/4 ton working load limit.
Quadratec D-Rings From $8.99
Quadratec Q-Series Self Recovery Winches with Remote Solenoids
The Q9000 provides all of the capability that most enthusiasts will ever need for occasional use.
Q-Series Winches From $299.99
WARN Epic Black Winch Accessories
EPIC Black Winch Accessories From $28.79
ARB Recovery Straps, Bags & Accessories
High quality recovery straps, shackles and storage bags and more.
From $8.55
Factor 55 Winch Lock
Protect your winch! The winch lock bolt cannot be removed with ordinary screw drivers, pliers, or commonly sold security bits.
Extreme Duty Battery Terminals
JK Wrangler kits replace your thin stamped steel terminals with solid lead versions and included solid brass accessory busses, hardware and premium anti-corrosion terminal pads.
Hi-Lift Jacks and Recovery Gear
The Hi-Lift Jack is a rugged, highly versatile jack that puts you in command of situations requiring lifting, pushing, pulling, winching, and clamping.
From $12.99
Warn Winch Mounting Plates
Mount a WARN Winch to your factory front bumper or WARN Rock Crawler Bumper with our selection of WARN Winch Mounting Plates.
From $136.22
WARN PowerPlant Winches
The PowerPlant is the only winch that combines a winch and air compressor into a single unit.
From $1,719.99
Hi-Lift Hood Mount Kits for 07-16 Wrangler
The Hi-Lift® Jack Hood Mount brackets simply install into the existing hood hinge holes making installation quick and painless. Made with anodized aluminum for strength, durability & a clean look.
Hi-Lift Hood Mount Kit From $17.99