Whether you are looking to swap out your Jeep Wrangler JK's hardtop, or upgrade the current factory-provided soft top, there are plenty of options out there that offer either summer or full-year solutions, as well as ones that provide better material, a fastback look, and even ones that will re-use your factory hardware to save your money.

When deciding on the right soft top for your Wrangler JK and budget, you should really use the three question method: Do you currently have a soft top? Are you looking to change the look of your JK? Do you currently have a hard top and wish to switch to a soft top? These questions help narrow down your focus as choosing the right soft top for your JK isn't as easy as it used to be. Manufacturers today use all kinds of different materials, fitment methods, and even colors in their products. Some tops work with new hardware, while some require you to reuse existing factory hardware. Other tops even totally do away with hardware.

If you currently have a soft top on your JK, you may want to consider replacing just the existing fabric and re-using your soft top frame as long as it is in good shape. Today's soft tops use a variety of heavier fabric materials to attach to your hardware such as 30oz triple-layer twill or 28oz Sailcloth which provide superior durability, a nearly whisper-quiet ride, and are perfect for those who generally use the vehicle everyday. Others utilize a lighterweight multi-layer 23 or 24oz fabric which generally is more economical and works well for JK owners who do not use the vehicle as a daily driver.

Maybe you are out to change the look of your vehicle, and if so, frameless soft tops and 'summer style' tops are a great options. Frameless tops eliminate all hardware and instead utilize door surround channels and a rail system to help attach the top to your JK, while employing a popular sloping fastback look that definitely stands out. Summer style tops are ones that employ a bikini top, windbreaker, and tonneau cover to seal up the cabin - mainly for the summer months. This also is a great solution for those who have a hard top and wish to remove it for the summer.

Should you have a hardtop and want to switch over to a soft top, or have damaged or older soft top, you can choose from a variety of fabric tops these days such as Sailcloth, Twill, or multi-layer, and these new parts come inclusive with all the hardware needed to attach on your JK. You can also look to that frameless top option as well as you do not need to reuse any of the factory hardware.

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