Borla proudly delivering American-made products for over 3 decades. Borla® is a company of motorheads; it shows in our products, customer service, industry-leading Million Mile Warranty and culture. Borla® systems are designed from scratch on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis utilizing patented race-bred performance and sound technologies. For many applications, Borla® offers a range of personalized exhaust sound — from a subdued rumble to an all-out roar recognized by motoring enthusiasts worldwide. Borla® exhaust boosts power and torque or improves fuel economy while extending engine life and enhancing motorsport styling. But most of all, Borla® gives you the intoxicating rush that comes with every squeeze of the throttle, the thrill of raging power with every shift, and a heart-pounding soundtrack to match. We build far more than exhaust systems. We build excitement.

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Custom high clearance design tucks the exhaust above the frame rails to provide maximum ground clearance.
The Aggressive ATAK(R) Series features acousticallytuned applied kinetics to create the highest available dB level in a street legal exhaust.

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