HERE AT QUADRATEC we field a lot of questions from Jeep enthusiasts of varying skill and experience levels, and it can be somewhat tricky trying to share our knowledge with seasoned wheelers out there - all while not leaving out those first-timers just learning about Jeeps. With that in mind, we're excited to offer a stable of videos that seek to inform (and entertain) all levels of Jeepers out there.

We call it The Quadratec Academy.

Our goal with these video lessons is to share our experience with both veteran and novice Jeep enthusiasts. Each episode of this series will serve to educate one area of expertise - from 100-level basics like hardtop removal and storage, or maintenance and trail etiquette, all the way to more complex 300-level lessons such as picking the right line, winch and recovery technique, what to do in a rollover, and everything in between. In this video we cover how to remove you Freedom panels, if you're looking to purchase a hardtop you can check out all the hardtops we sell here.

So, let's get started with today's 101 class: Removing your Jeep hardtop Freedom panels.