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First Time Jeep CJ Owner's Guide

Congratulations! You now own one of the most iconic vehicles in America’s history.

Vintage Jeeps are still a blast to drive and a source of pride to own. With any older vehicle, there a couple areas that could use some restoration or improvement. We assembled our team of experts and came up with the top 10 parts we recommend to make your Jeep even more enjoyable!

Update the Look of Your Ride with New Wheels
Wheels that are over 40 years old can be pretty beat up and rusty. Whether you are going with bigger tires or staying with the stock size, a new set of steel wheels will freshen up the look of your Jeep.
Pro Comp Series 51 Black Wheel From $49.99
Direct Replacement Dash Pad
Even though your Jeep has been on the road for years there is no reason for it to look that way. Most older Jeeps have a torn or cracked dash pad. Just like the original with the Jeep logo, this replacement piece is a great way to bring your CJ back to life and looking good.
CJ Dash Pad $216.67
CJ Dash Lamp Set
New dash lamps will bring your dash back to life. Being able to read that valuable information will help you know if something is wrong or not working.
Dash Lamp Set $21.99 $24.29
Exact Contour Floor Pans
Most CJ’s will have some rust issues, however holes in the floor can be a big safety issue. These authentic 18 gauge cold rolled steel panels match all of the contours of your original floor. They will solidify your floor and give you peace of mind riding down the road or on the trails.
Stamped Steel Floor Pans From $62.99
CJ Replacement Seats
One of the most common issues found in CJ’s today are broken seat frames and torn seats. With a great selection of Aftermarket Seats on the market, we choose the Standard High Back seat as a great upgrade to the original seats. Classic looks and comfort make this a great way to stay comfortable in your new ride.
Standard Bucket Seats $144.99
Shifter Boots
Holes in the shifter boot are not only unsightly, but they also allow cold and hot air to get into the vehicle. The replacement shift boots will help clean up the interior of your Jeep and are a very easy item to install using simple hand tools.
CJ Shifter Boots From $4.49
CJ Carburetors
Factory carburetors on CJ’s are adequate at best. A quick way to get your motor running smooth is an aftermarket high-performance carburetor. These tried and true replacement carbs come with everything you need to install including a new reusable air filter. This is a great way to get the most power out of that old workhorse motor.
Weber Carburetors From $319.95
CJ Speedometer
Another common issue that plagues the CJ Series is a bouncing speedometer or non working fuel gauge and temperature gauge. A great way to fix both issues is with a new speedometer. This fairly easy upgrade is essential for keeping accurate information on fuel and temp levels as well as tracking the mileage you put on your new purchase.
CJ Speedometer From $124.50
CJ Shocks
CJ vehicles are not known for a comfortable ride, but with old worn out shocks it can be brutal. A simple way to improve that ride quality is a set of Soft Ride shocks. When you experience the difference a set of new shocks provides, you will understand this upgrade is a no brainer.
Skyjacker Hydro Shock $43.44
CJ Repair, Maintenance & Replacement Parts
We carry the largest selection of Jeep® CJ Series Exterior Body Parts around! If you are looking to upgrade your CJ exterior body parts, we have everything that you will need!
Jeep CJ Replacement Parts