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Odds are you've invested a large amount of money into your Jeep, and you want to keep it looking good. Body armor will keep the paint on your Jeep from getting scuffed and scratched when you're headed down the trail. The are many different types of protection available. Some attach with magnets, some with automotive double sided tape, while others are permanently bolted to the body of your Jeep.

Magnetic armor is easy to apply and remove, and does a great job at protecting your Wrangler from getting scratches from tree branches when you're headed down a narrow trail. Plus it gives you the freedom of installing only when headed off-road if you like. For a more permanent solution, covers that attached with automotive double sided tape can add style and protection to your Jeep, and they do a great job at protecting your paint from damage. For the ultimate protection from heavier objects like rocks, look for metal panels that bolt on to the body of your Jeep. Limb risers are another great piece of protection to keep tree branches from potentially scratching your Jeep or breaking your windshield.