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The front and rear differentials in your Jeep are a vital part of the driveline. They also happen to be one of the lowest hanging components in the driveline, putting them in danger of being smashed into rocks and other obstacles on the trail. Adding to the problem, the lightweight, thin stamped sheet metal cover doesn't offer much protection for the internal ring and pinion gears and lockers. A heavy duty differential cover, guard or slider will greatly strengthen and protect the differentials in your Jeep.

Differential covers are available in cast aluminum and nodular iron. Many offer added features such as larger fill holes, as well as drain plugs. While some even have dip sticks built in for easy checking of fluid levels. Diff guards are another option offering protection to your differential. Simply bolting on top of your existing cover, they offer additional protections from impacts. Sliders are another option as well, offering protection to both the cover as well as the differential casting from being dragged over rocks.