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A Jeep's fenders do an average job in protecting the vehicle's body, as well as acting like a shield to guard against stones or mud thrown off tires. However, over time, fenders can rust or become damaged through off road activities.

Whether you are looking to replace a dented, rusted or damaged fender, aggressively change the look of your Jeep, or cover up the wheel well's interior with inner fender kits, there are plenty of high-grade products that will refurbish and protect your vehicle. Replacement factory-style fenders and fender panels are available for just about every Jeep model and many come in paintable factory-grade steel. Aftermarket versions can offer a flat look or come in a steel tube design which helps accommodate larger tires as well as the ability to flex more than stock when off roading to prevent damage. Many people also choose to apply inner fender liners when replacing fenders which helps keep water, snow, or mud out of the engine compartment.