Quadratec Stealth LED Interior Mount 50” Light Bar
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From traditional halogen incandescent lights like the iconic KC daylighters that just about everyone has seen on the front of a Jeep, to plenty of LED and even some HID options, there are endless possibilities for additional lights on your Jeep. Some of the most popular options today are LED lights from companies like Rigid Industries, J.W. Speaker, ARB and more, with factory fog light replacements available as well as small cube and round lights that are great for mounting on your bumper or windshield.

If you're really looking to turn night into day, look to giant 50” LED light bars that just can't be beat for total light output. And don't forget about the rear of your Jeep too! There are plenty of great options available to light up the trail and the road behind your Jeep. So whether your looking to simply replace or upgrade the lights on your Jeep, you're sure to find just what you're looking for.