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A tire cover can say a lot about you as a Jeep owner. Are you patriotic, happy, love showing off the brand or vehicle model logo? Maybe you just love that simple, yet refined, blank canvas appearance. It's all good. We all can have our own look hanging over that spare tire.

But a spare tire cover can do more than just give you a sense of identity. It can help prevent sun damage over time, which keeps the tire from cracking and possibly popping upon use. By keeping out the sun, a cover also stops tire discoloration and keeps the spare tire clean. These covers come in a variety of sizes which fit just about every Jeep tire out there, and the cover's material can be either soft top-type canvas or paintable hard ABS plastic. For more info, check out our top-5 reasons for owning a tire cover.

If you're unsure how to read the size of your tire check out our tire size calculator.