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New hood latches offer style and functionality for your Wrangler. If your existing latches are faded or worn out, not only will they detract from the look of your Jeep, but they can be dangerous as well. Over time the elasticity of the original hood latches will become worn, and no longer tightly secure your hood to the fenders of your Wrangler. This can allow the hood to "flutter" at higher speeds, and possibly become un-latched. Replacing them with new latches is inexpensive insurance that this won't happen to you.

There are many OE style replacement hood latches available, or you can choose from latches with added features. There are locking latches that offer security for your expensive under hood accessories, like batteries and air compressors. Or choose from billet aluminum latches that look great, and offer adjustment to the latching mechanism to ensure a firm grip when your hood is closed and latched.