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While Jeep soft or hard tops provide excellent coverage from any weather condition while on the vehicle, they really can't do anything for you when removed. And during those warmer months when your top may be off, a pop up shower or something heavier can cause problems.

That's why many invest in full or cab covers which are designed to keep the elements, insects and other debris out of your vehicle, while remaining breathable thanks to state of the art fabrics. Full covers install super quick when bad weather is imminent, as they just require you to toss it over the vehicle. The cover's bottom has elastic so it can snug up firm, and some even include grommets and cinch cords for added security on those windy, rainy days. Cab covers work similar, but cover just the cab area. Plus, they attach with straps that stretch down and hook into the body to provide security. They do take a little longer to install, but are quite a bit less bulky than full covers.