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So you want a new top, but don't want to spend time installing all that bulky hardware. Are you out of luck? Hardly. There are plenty of great options that offer frameless designs with material just as good as factory. And all are at affordable pricing sure to fit just about any budget.

Frameless tops have become all the rage lately, mainly because they take a major component - hardware - and just eliminate it. Why is this a good thing? Because less moving parts means less parts to fail, as well as less cost for you. Yet despite removing what used to be an important piece, there is no loss of functionality. These tops can be installed or removed just as easily as factory, and some even offer a flip-back feature creating an instant sunroof without full top removal. Others have larger rear windows increasing visibility, and can be purchased with no doors, half doors or 2-piece doors for every vehicle combination out there. You can even choose different material weights depending on your desires.

If you find yourself just staring at all the choices and unsure what you may actually want or need, then be sure to check out our handy Jeep Wrangler Soft Top Advisor. It's like a top expert right at your fingertips. Happy hunting.