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If you drive your Jeep on paved roads more than dirt trails, but still want excellent off road capability when you hit the dirt, than an all-terrain tire is the choice for you. Most all terrain tires feature a tighter tread lug pattern, with lots of grooves and siping which work really well on both dry and wet pavement. The siping helps channel water away for good wet traction, while the tight tread pattern with minimal space between the tread lugs help lend to a quiet and comfortable on road ride quality.

Don’t let an all-terrain tire's good on-road manners deceive you and make you think it won’t perform well off road. After all, these aren’t call ALL TERRAIN tires for nothing. Most AT tires also feature some degree of sidewall lug that will help bite into the terrain, whether it be mud, rock, gravel or really whatever type of surface you’re driving on to give you a good level of traction. And the main tread area has been designed with both on and off road driving in mind to give great results no matter where you take your Jeep!