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You may call them D-Rings, bow or anchor shackles, but no matter what the name, you'll be glad you've purchased some of these for your Jeep, as well as Isolators and a snatch block for your winch, if you are ever in a recovery situation.

D-Rings attach to anchor points on a Jeep, usually on the front or rear bumper, and are used for securing tow straps to pull a stuck vehicle to safety. Most Jeep D-Rings are 3/4", but some can be run 1/2", 5/8", or 7/8" depending on the mount. D-Ring Isolators are popular add-on products as these polyurethane clips slide against the D-Ring loop to prevent banging against a bumper or other recovery products. Snatch blocks are perfect for those who use their winch frequently during recovery or for pulling of heavy items. They enable you to retrieve loads that are double a winch's capacity by reducing the load on the winch by half.