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Chinese Firm Unveils Wild Tomahawk Jeep 6x6 Concept


By: Matt Konkle

So we've seen some very nice Jeep concept vehicles over the years and some that are simply awe-inspiring - we're looking at you Crew Chief - but then something like the Tomahawk rolls on stage and leaves us all staring like the thing just emerged from Victor Frankenstein's lab.

The Tomahawk, from Chinese company G. Patton, is a 6x6 version of the Jeep Wrangler where an extra axle was added to the rear which makes the vehicle look similar to a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6.

First displayed on the Car News China website during its coverage of the Chengdu Auto Show, G. Patton essentially took the standard Jeep Wrangler JK frame, cut behind the C-pillar, added a pickup truck bed along with the extra axle, and slapped on a custom-made hardtop. It then bolstered the 3.6 Pentastar engine with a supercharger, providing additional power because of the added weight. No performance figures were released.

The vehicle's main body appears unaltered from the Wrangler base, but things like an LED light bar, modular bumper with remote-controlled winch, 17" alloy wheels with 35" tires and an 'angry grille' front definitely - appearance-wise - gives it that rugged look.

Interior-wise, the Tomahawk concept displayed the same leather trim as the JK along with an orange-hued color.

However, Car News China noted the vehicle displayed at the Chengdu Auto Show definitely did not look very sophisticated and that even small things, like the vehicle's Tomahawk name plate, were improperly aligned.

G. Patton, incidentally, was the firm originally used by U.S. Specialty Vehicles to produce the Chinese version of the USSV Rhino GX SUV. But Car News China says the Chinese side seems to have gone their own way and does not mention USSV in any of their promotional materials.

Should the vehicle ever make it into production, it will only be sold in China so don't expect to see a Tomahawk on the trails any time soon. But still, if it ever came over for sale, is this a yes, no, or seriously?