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Exhaust System Components and Design

A summary of what parts make up and exhaust sytem, and why.
    The Exhaust manifold is typically made of cast iron or steel tubing. In non-casted manifolds, the tubes are welded directly to a flat faced surface. The surface is bolted directly to the engine cylinder head with a gasket inbetween. A cast iron manifold has very short exhaust runners, and these combine into one unit called the collector, rather quickly.

    The Exhaust pipe carries the collected gases and vapor from the exhaust manifold into the catalytic converter (if equiped) and then into the muffler before exiting out of the tail pipe.

    The "Y" pipe is a section of the exhaust pipe that connects both exhaust manifolds of a split manifold engine design together. This is done to form a single exhaust system.

    The "H" pipe is an exhaust pipe section of a dual exhaust system that has a connecting pipe between the left and right exhaust banks. This cross tube is also known as a Balance pipe

    A Balance pipe is used in many dual exhaust systems to merge exhaust pulses from left and right exhaust banks. This helps reduce harsh exhaust sounds, equalize exhaust pressures, and can help increase power and economy.

      A "Crossover" pipe or "X" pipe, is similar to a H-pipe, but the design allowed for even better flow of exhaust gases. It connects left and right exhaust banks together to equalize pressures, but the design helps to increase the ease of flow much greater than the standard H-pipe.

      The Intermediate pipe connects in two different ways. This depends on your vehicles configuration. It can run from the exhaust manifold to the catalytic converter, or from the catalytic converter to the muffler. It depends on where the catalytic converter is in relation tot he muffler and exhaust manifold.

      The Tail pipe is the remaining section of the exhaust system after the muffler outlet. It carries exhaust gases to a safe exit towards the rear of the vehicle.

      The tail pipe is the very last section of the exhaust system. It is usually in one piece with the tail pipe, unless the exhaust is aftermarket. It's main purpose is to give exact placement of the exhaust gas exit. The alternate purpose is for styling
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