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Bleeding an External Hydraulic Clutch Slave Cylinder

How to bleed slave cylinders without an external bleed screw.
  1. Push the slave cylinder pushrod in and disconnect both retaining bands of the retaining strap, release the pushrod and allow it to fully extend.  DO NOT CUT OR DISCARD THE RETAINING STRAP


  1. Tip the slave cylinder up at approximately 45 degrees and pour clutch hydraulic fluid into the hydraulic port until all air has been expelled.


  1. With the slave cylinder still tipped up, insert the clutch hydraulic tube in the slave cylinder hydraulic output port (replace the small rubber seal on the need of the metal tube connector and lubricate with clutch fluid), insert retaining pin and drive in with drive punch.


  1. Hold slave cylinder vertically with pushrod facing the ground.  Hold pushrod against the palm of your hand in a position, which allows the slave cylinder to be lower than the master cylinder. 


  1. Slowly depress the pushrod into the slave cylinder bore approximately 25-30mm while watching the master cylinder reservoir for air bubbles.  Stroke the slave cylinder in this manner until air bubbles are no longer entering the reservoir, approximately 10-15 strokes. 


  1. With the master cylinder reservoir cap removed, slowly push the slave cylinder pushrod back in and reconnect the two bands of the retaining strap.  The lave cylinder is now ready to be installed on the vehicle.

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