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United Four-Wheel Drive Associations

From avid enthusiasts who are individual members, to clubs and association members, the membership spans 4 continents with over 10,000 member voices. We own and drive everything from early Jeep Willys, to Broncos, Land Cruisers, and now just about every make of 4x4 and Sport Utility Vehicle available around the world! Many members take their families to the events and trail rides, but there are also single members who enjoy the benefits of the organization. On the trails you'll find both men and women drivers and passengers alike, kids of all ages, and pariticpants ranging from their teens to their 80's.

Though we are an Association of Associations and individual members who make up 'the whole', the board members and directors are the guides for helping to keep the direction going with clear purpose and according to the voices of the delegates. To ensure business is taken care of, there are meetings held throughout the year, and an annual convention to make sure there is a steady flow and exchange of information.

Please enjoy looking through United Online, and learn about the benefits of membership for you, and for recreational four wheeling.

For More Information: http://www.ufwda.org

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