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POR-15 Coverage Information

Information on how much POR-15 to use for a given surface.

POR-15 application on non porous surfaces (most metals):

Approximate coverage:

  • Pint = 50 sq. ft.
  • Quart = 96 sq. ft.
  • Gallon = 350 sq. ft.

For porous surfaces like wood & concrete, coverage will be about 20% less.

When painting on metal surfaces, we recommend at least 20oz. of Metal Ready for every quart of paint or coating you use

Marine Clean is mixed with water; ratios will vary depending on application.
(Hot water will increase effectiveness)

Engine Enamels: One pint will cover any standard automobile engine block

Hi-Temperature Paints (Factory Manifold Grey, Black Velvet, POR-20): For exhaust components 8oz. will coat an average set of manifolds and a small set of headers.

Super Starter Kit: (Great for testing & smaller projects): 12 sq. ft.

Color Chrome: Color Chrome Pint Kit will cover five rims

Floor pan and Trunk Kit: Enough products to do two floor pans or one entire trunk

Auto Fuel Tank Repair Kit: Seals up to a 25 Gal. tank

Motorcycle / Utility Fuel Tank Repair Kit: Seals up to a 6 Gal. tank

All estimates below are made using one coat on the area being treated; however, we recommend two coats in most applications.

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