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Off-Road 101 on Tires by TeraFlex

An article about tires and how they function off-road by TeraFlex.
Just as the right kind of tire is needed for snow, so is the right kind of tire needed for off-road performance.You want a tire that will grip onto slick rock and pull you through the most extreme obstacles. Choosing the right kind of tire and right size for your vehicle is key to your off road performance.

Size:  Many factors play into tire size. The bigger the tire, the more ground clearance you have, but not without risking your center of gravity.

COG:  The center of gravity is the center position of balance for a vehicle, or the average location of a vehicle weight. A low center of gravity allows a vehicle to not only side hill well, but increases the angle that a vehicle can climb and descend.

Tire size is also affected by how high off the ground your vehicle is. When a lift kit is installed, you may choose to run a bigger tire size. Suspension also plays a role in which size tires will fit and which will hit. By understanding your whole vehicle-suspension, flex, body, etc.-you can make a good choice in tire size.