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Inside a MasterCraft Racing Seat.

Details on the construction of a MasterCraft Racing Seat.

1. Mastercraft seats are made from high-quality Rogue Naugahyde with a center insert of close-weave nylon fabric and slots for a 5-point harness system. Optional gromments in the cover provide a bellows action to keep you cool. Many colors are available to complement or contrast any racing color scheme.

2. Polyurethane foam of differing thickness and density is glued to the liner and built up to achieve desired shape. Mastercraft will custom-fit any seat to assure correct body contour and driving position!

3. All stress points are double-lapped and grommeted for max strength. Liner is attached to frame and tied with nylon parachute cord.

4. Your Mastercraft seat may be ordered with optional lumbar support. Fitted to seat frame, it offers up to 3" of adjustable lumbar support, and adjustment knob may be attached to right or left side.

5. Suspension liner is made of a nylon-coated textile mesh that provides extreme strength and durability. The porous mesh will breathe and allow moisture to pass through.

6. Mastercraft's rugged seat frames are constructed with mandrel-bent and Mig-welded 3/4" mild-steel tubing (.065" wall, HREW 1010)

The following guide should help you understand the differences between the original suspension seat created by MasterCraft and the imitations!

Frame.065, ¾” mild steel. Head rest applied separately - won't affect the integrity of the frame.049, ¾” mild steel. Back frame is all one piece - can't change the angle of headrest
MountingTubing runs along floor and back up to itself, with flat strap running from front to back, allowing weight to be evenly disbursed throughout the bottom of the seat - No tweaking4 -1 ½”-wide tabs welded on corners
2nd Suspension(2) Pirelli rubber straps added for extra support in the tailbone areaStraps not used
Suspension LinerMesh - no seams in sling - all one pieceCoated vinyl - 2-piece sling sewn together at bottom of seat/back and headrest seam
Sling attachmentFlaps have 1-in. extruded plastic strips sewn in. Brass grommets provide a stable non-moving anchor for flaps to join with lacing cord. Cord is used only to attach flaps together. Provides continuous balance.090 hanger wire provides an unstable moving area for flaps to join together. Lacing cord is used as a major part of the suspension. Provides inconsistent balance
Side FlapsFace each other with a maximum spread of 2 inchesFace each other with a spread of 4-½ inches - more cord
Bottom FlapsFace each other with a maximum spread of 2 inches.Face each other with 15-inch spread.
Headrest Cap Back FlapSeparate piece, seamed at top with foam added for comfort. Sling wraps around ¾" tubing in shoulder area with an 18-inch spreadSling runs up to top of headrest and is seamed at top with foam added. Seam at headrest supports entire back suspension. No attachment to back of frame
Stitching.055 length of stitch - more stitches per inch.090 length of stitch - less stitches per inch
Lacing cordUsed to hold the suspension flaps togetherUsed as a major part of the bottom suspension
FoamAll foam is 1.4 lb. - Heavier density & fire retardant. Foam is cut in various sizes. Placed around all edges to protect cover and give added comfortAll foam is1.0 lb. - Lighter density & fire retardant. Foam cut in various sizes. Placed around all edges to protect cover and give added comfort
Inside back1.4 lb (heavier) foam in lumbar area is 3 inches thick1.0 lb. (lighter) foam in lumbar area is 2 inches thick
Inside base1.4 lb. (heavier) foam 2-4 inches in bottom of seat1.0 (lighter) foam 1-2 inches in bottom of seat
Inside sides1.4 lb. (heavier) foam is 1-inch thick1.0 lb. (lighter) foam is 1-inch thick
Slot coversVinyl is placed over the 5-point slots - you don't see the foam Not covered
CoverNylon fabric glued to ½” muslin-backed foam. All seams are double stitched at start and finish – no friction between fabric/foam for longer wearNylon fabric joined to 1-inch foam with single-lined seam, no back stitching. Causes friction/puckering in cover
Back(3) separate pieces of vinyl sewn together to create a polished look(1) piece of vinyl, no additional sewing
Belt holesReinforced with liner material for extra strengthNot reinforced
BandVinyl glued to ½” foam for additional padding, sectioned for custom fit to follow contours of seatVinyl one-piece band, no foam added
WeltVinyl hand-wrapped around weltingVinyl hand-wrapped around welting
MOST IMPORTANTLYYou will find our name on every product we make!No identifying tag or name