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Bestop Glossary of Terms

An explination of the terms used in Bestop soft tops.

Belt-Rail Attachment System - A channel mount system that secures along the leading edge of the rear Jeep tub allowing a thin layer of plastic extrusion to snap snugly into it. Bestop created this unique process over twenty years ago in order to do away with snaps. The belt rail is included in all Supertop and Sunrider kits for all CJ-5, CJ-7 and Wrangler 95 and earlier applications. For Wrangler 97 to present, the belt rail is already included on your vehicle from the factor

Bow System - The long metal supports located in the rear cargo area that help hold up the soft top. Bestop offers adjustable bows, meaning that the tension of the bows can be raised or lowered to keep your soft top performing well and looking good year round. All soft tops, whether the factory original or a Bestop soft top, have a bow system.

Color Match - Since Bestop is the supplier to Chrysler Jeep, it uses the same fabrics and raw materials. All Bestop soft tops, therefore are a perfect match to the colors offered from the factory.

DOT-approved - Bestop's plastic windows meet or exceed all of the criteria enforced by the Department of Transportation.

Powder-coating - A rust-resistant process that Bestop uses to protect all metal parts included in our soft top kits.

Glass Thickness - Bestop window glass is 40 mil thick for better insulation and durability.

Haartz 18-oz. Fabric - Haartz is the brand of fabric that Bestop uses exclusively in all its products. Made in the USA, Haartz fabric is highly mildew and stain resistant as well as rigorously tested in UV-light.

Hardware - These are the bows, belt rails and other metal parts that are required when installing your soft top.

Heat-sealed - A special process Bestop uses to bond fabric to fabric or fabric to plastic windows. This ensures a watertight fit ands long-lasting durability.

No-drill installation - No drilling is required to install.

Original Equipment (O.E.) - Components that were already included with your Jeep from the factory. Bestop is the O.E. soft top supplier to Chrysler-Jeep.

Stretch-and-set - Haartz 18-ounce fabric has what we call memory. Like most fabrics, our denim vinyl stretches when it becomes warm. However, unlike other fabrics, when the Haartz material becomes cool, it will retain its original shape. This means Bestop products will fit right and look good on your vehicle year round.

Tinted Windows - Bestop offers tinted side and rear windows with a 31% dark tint. This tint is legal in all States. Upper Door Windows are illegal to tint in many states.

Two-Piece Soft Doors - A fabric upper door with window and steel frame that fits into a lower fabric door with steel frame. The upper door may be removed from the lower for increased visibility and airflow.

Upper Door: A fabric upper door with window and steel frame that fits into a factory lower steel half door.

Windshield Channel - A metal bracket located on the top of the windshield allowing the soft top to attach to it via a belt-rail channel. Windshield channels for 95 and earlier Jeeps require drilling. The Header Windshield, standard in 97 to present Supertops has a no-drill feature.

YKK Zippers - YKK is the leading manufacturer of quality zippers in the world. Bestop uses only YKK Scoop-Count zippers. Scoop-count means that the same number teeth are present on both sides of the zipper. This allows for a smooth easy action and for Bestop replacement windows to fit just like the ones that came on your soft top.

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