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Expansion & Overflow Tank 32oz

Flex-a-lite® introduces a cooling system expansion and overflow tank that matches the engineering and appearance of the company’s Flex-a-fit® radiators. Flex-a-lite’s expansion and overflow tank brings several technical advantages to the cooling system. First, it is easy to verify that there is sufficient coolant in the system by visually inspecting the included clear hose that connects the tank to the radiator. Since it is unnecessary to remove the radiator cap, air will not be introduced into the cooling system, leading to overheating and also causing corrosion. The expansion/overflow tank is readily removed with a wing-nut mount, making it very easy to raise the tank during radiator filling. By using the Flex-a-lite expansion tank as the high-point in the cooling system, you can purge all of the air out of the cooling system. And, of course, it’s made in the USA!
This new product is designed to be used as either an expansion tank or an overflow canister. When used as an expansion tank, coolant can be drawn from the tank back into the radiator as the system cools. When used as an overflow, the tank simply contains any fluid that escapes the pressurized radiator cap when high temperatures are encountered.

  • Expansion and overflow tanks use same extrusion as Flex-a-fit® patented sidetanks
  • Tanks can be easily detached to assist with purging air from the cooling system
  • Clear hose allows customer to check for coolant without removing radiator cap
  • Tanks are engineered to be used both as cooling system expansion tanks and as overflows
  • Tanks are easy to attach, using the “T” channels in the tank and the Flex-a-fit radiator
Installation Notes
Installation Difficulty:
Level 2Intermediate
1. Cap not included.
Installation Time: 2-3 hours
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Expansion Tank

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