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Poison Spyder Brawler Mid Front Bumper with Brawler Bar, Tube Gussetts, D-Ring Tabs in SpyderShell Armor Coat & Q9500is Stealth Winch is no longer available
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Poison Spyder Brawler Mid Front Bumper with Brawler Bar, Tube Gussetts, D-Ring Tabs in SpyderShell Armor Coat & Q9500is Stealth Winch for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK

Save $100 with the Purchase of a Front Bumper & Q9500i Winch!
Poison Spyder RockBrawler bumpers are perfect for the Jeep® owner that is looking for more coverage and features. These bumpers look great on daily driven Jeeps yet can withstand trail abuse that would fold other brands in half. RockBrawler bumpers are specifically designed to maximize protection while providing clearance for big tires from the angled facets that prevent rubbing, even at full suspension articulation or full lock of the wheel. Features include D-ring recovery shackle tabs, winch compatibility and recessed light mounts. Save $100 when you purchase Mid Width RockBrawler Bumper, Winch Fairlead Mount and Q9500i Stealth Winch!
Front Bumper
EASY INSTALLATION: The Brawler MID can be mounted without cutting or altering the Jeep's frame rails. The faceted design of the Brawler MID provides the best ground clearance and approach angle possible in a bumper that doesn't require frame modifications. The factory "Crash Bar" may be left intact or removed for a sleek appearance and high clearance. If keeping the crash bar, they recommend adding the Brawler MID Skid Plate (sold separately), which conceals the crash bar and protects the electronic sway bar disconnect.

RECESSED FOG LAMP MOUNTS: Brawler MID comes with provisions for re-mounting your factory fog lamps. These consist of recessed fog lamp "buckets" that are made of CNC laser cut DUM tubing with a mounting flange designed to accept the mounting hardware of the stock lamps. The recess and all-steel buckets help protect the lamps from the rocks. For those who do not have the stock fog lamps, or would like to upgrade to more powerful LED lamps, Poison Spyder offers a unique LED Fog Lamp Mounting Kit for installing a pair of Rigid Industries "Dually" LED lamps in the fog lamp locations. IMPORTANT: The stock fog lamps used on the Jeep Wrangler 10th Anniversary Rubicon do NOT fit into the fog lamp buckets on this bumper. If installing this bumper on a 10th Anniversary Rubicon, they suggest using a pair of Rigid Industries Dually or Dually D2 LED lamps along with their JK Dually Fog Lamp Mounts instead of the stock fog lamps.

WINCH COMPATIBILITY: The Brawler MID bumper is designed to accept most Warn winches, and winches from other manufacturers that conform to Warn's standardized winch mounting dimensions. The winch sits in a slight depression on the top surface of the bumper, with plenty of CNC laser cut plate steel gusseting inside the bumper shell, directly underneath the winch to provide maximum strength. The Winch Fairlead Mount is sold separately, so that those who wish to not run a winch are left with a clean looking, unobstructed top surface on their bumper. The Brawler MID comes to you as bare steel, ready to accept paint or powder coat in the color of your choice.

SpyderShell Armor Coat
Poison Spyder's SpyderShell Armor Coat has been engineered to provide your Poison Spyder product with years of unmatched great looks, corrosion protection and weather-resistance. Their proprietary 5-stage system starts with media blasting the entire part, to remove contaminants and prep the metal surface for the best possible adhesion. Next, any seams are sealed with 3M Scotch-Weld to block moisture from entering and causing corrosion where the powder can not reach. The first coat to be applied is a zinc-rich powdered black primer, which is baked on to form an impenetrable bond between the metal product and the coating. The primer is black--rather than traditional gray--so that any rock chips or trail damage are less conspicuous. The final top coat is an industrial grade, "super-durable" architectural finish in semi-gloss black, which is engineered to retain its appearance through years of exposure to sun and weather. SpyderShell is a coating process unmatched by any other Jeep armor after-market manufacturer, for which Poison Spyder are confident in offering a 5-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

Stealth Winch

Quadratec's Q9500is Stealth Winch utilizes a die cast finned aluminum solenoid housing that dissipates heat under heavy winch loads while providing rugged durability. Its powerful 4.8 HP series wound motor and class leading low gear ratios provide fast line speeds while the battery friendly low current draw gives you generous winching time from your battery charge.

The charcoal gray synthetic winch line also contains Dyneema® fiber, which is stronger and more durable than steel winch cables yet soft and flexible. Weight for weight, Dyneema® is 15 times stronger than steel and its light weight significantly improves the ease of handling. Dyneema® will not rust, kink and lose strength like steel cables can over time. In fact, when properly cared for, Dyneema® winch lines can outlast steel winch cables. Plus, synthetic winch lines are much safer and easier to use as steel cables can sometimes shed wire splinters from handling. In the unlikely event of a synthetic winch line breaking there is virtually no recoil, where steel wire breakage can be extremely dangerous.

The ease of handling, increased safety, and improved longevity of Dyneema® are why so many off road enthusiasts are making the switch. The Q9500i Stealth Winch features 90' of synthetic winch line with a ballistic nylon chafe guard to protect your line from abrasions. Each winch line is 3/8" diameter and rated for 18,000 lbs. Includes our Winch Operator's Guide with helpful information on winching and the care and use of synthetic line.

You also receive an industry best Limited Lifetime Warranty on mechanical parts and a 1-year Warranty on all electrical components.

Features Included:

  • Class Leading Line Pull Ratings for Extra Pulling Capacity
  • Heavy Cast Aluminum - Heat Dissipating Solenoid Housing
  • Pre-Assembled and Pre-Wired with Simplified Installation
  • Superior Off Road Durability with Rugged Sleek Looks
  • Hefty Clutch Control
  • Case Hardened Input Gears
  • Case Hardened Intermediate Gears
  • Case Hardened Output Gears
  • Stainless Steel Hardware Throughout
  • Case Hardened Hex Drive Shaft
  • Load Holding Brake System
  • Winch Drum is Case Hardened
  • High Strength Aluminum Tie Bars
  • Shaft Coupler is Case Hardened
  • Solid Copper and Brass Power Terminals
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish
  • Powerful 4.8 Horsepower Series Wound Motor
  • Heavy Duty Integrated Solenoid
  • Dyneema® Synthetic Rope 90' x 3/8"
  • Forged Steel Clevis Hook
  • Nylon Safety Hook Strap
  • High Visibility Rubberized Winch Remote with 12' Cord
  • Solid Copper Battery Cables
  • Aluminum Hawse Fairlead
Installation Notes
Installation Difficulty:
Level 2Intermediate
Installation Time: 3-4 hours
Parts Included
  • Front Bumper
  • Q9500is Stealth Winch
  • Black Aluminum Hawse Fairlead
  • 90' x 3/8" Dyneema® Synthetic Rope
  • Black Forged Steel Clevis Hook
  • Nylon Safety Hook Strap
  • 12' Wire Remote Control
  • Installation Hardware
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