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Teraflex Actiontruck Conversion Kit is no longer available
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Teraflex Actiontruck Conversion Kit for 07-15 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited JK 4 Door


The ActionTruck by Thaler Design is a complete truck conversion kit that is designed with simplicity and ease of installation. The unique bolt-on kit can be installed in a day in your driveway with no expensive tools or equipment. The one-piece hand laid fiberglass bed is designed to install easily over the existing cargo area of the Jeep Unlimited. The hardtop features a hinged rear window for rear cargo access, and a removable one-piece sun top for open air driving. Sport bar braces bolt to factory sport bar tie-in points. Rear door cargo access is retained with a door filler incorporating an integrated side access panel to gain easy entry to the rear cabin cargo area. The ActionTruck by Thaler Design is truly an understated truck conversion kit with factory styling and attention to detail.


Thaler Design has developed a JK pick up conversion kit that is
revolutionizing the Jeep market with its clean installation process,
factory appearance, and design functionality; features that can only be
found in an ActionTruck. The JK Unlimited naturally lends itself to the Thaler
Design conversion because of its longer wheel base, heavy duty frame and
removable top and doors. In the past it was necessary to cut panels, weld in
floors and do extensive body work, all the while trying to prevent leakage and
maintain appearance. ActionTruck has designed a complete kit with simplicity
of installation and practicality in mind. The entire system is shipped in a single
crate with everything you will need to convert your JK to the utility of a Jeep

The conversion provides several benefits not found in previous conversion
kits. The first being an installation process that is as simple as removing your
top, doors, and rear roll cage, and replacing them with the provided B-pillar
support, tub, door panels and hard top. By using existing mounting locations
and hardware, installation can be accomplished at home or at your local 4x4
shop. Bolt on sport bar braces add aesthetics to the conversion, but they
also lend strength and support to the body and sport bar. Even the reinforced
door replacement panels are mounted using existing hinge and door latch
locations. Ease of installation was a major requirement in the design of the
ActionTruck and the goal was accomplished.

All fiberglass parts come with a flat black fine structured gel coat finish, with
color matching paint as the only option requiring a visit to a body shop. The
ActionTruck conversion is truly a noninvasive procedure. The ActionTruck’s
one piece drop-in fiberglass bed is completely waterproof, and totally
eliminates one of the biggest concerns in previous conversion kits - water
leaks. The hand laid fiberglass also provides a strong boxed in bed perfect
for anything you need to carry. Bed mounting points utilize factory hard top
mounts for secure cargo tie down. The fiberglass composition of the kit
reduces the overall vehicle weight by 300 pounds and yet provides all the
strength necessary to allow your Jeep to perform with a new feel and function.
You will immediately notice the lack of roof heat, road and wind noise with the
new one piece fully lined double sealed removable top. The rear lift window
design allows it to pop open with a light push and provides perfect ventilation
for those hot summer trail rides.

Storage is always a concern and every inch of potential cargo space is utilized
in this unique design. Side service doors provide access to storage space
only available in an ActionTruck. The locking panels open to give secured
access to storage inside both sides of the bed, as well as easy access to the
hard to reach area behind the seats. The doors can stay open in a horizontal
position and can be used as a table for delicious snacks and lunch while on
the trail!

Note: The ActionTruck conversion kit is designed for the 4 door JK Unlimited. The design
and function of the ActionTruck is primarily to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the Jeep.
No safety characteristics are expressed or implied and should not be relied upon to contain
or protect occupants in the event of an accident or falling objects. Never operate the Jeep
in excess of the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. This kit requires cutting and removal
of the factory rear sport bar. A new two-piece hard top and sport bar reinforcement braces
are included with this kit, but are not rated to be used as a safety restraint or device. This
kit is designed as a permanent installation, but can be restored to factory-like condition with
minimal effort.

Installation Notes
Installation Difficulty:
Level 3Advanced

1. Drilling Necessary.
2. Cutting Necessary.

Installation Time: 0-15 hours
Parts Included

Rear Door Storage Enclosures
Hard Top & Front Section
H Style Sport Bar
Sport Bar Supports
Truck Bed
Installation Hardware

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