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ARB 0770003 Differential Housing Spreader Kit

Catalog #: 16100.2902
ARB Part #: 0770003
ARB’s Air Locker Differential Spreader is a professional automotive tool that no differential installer should be without. Most common Salisbury style axle assemblies (e.g., Dana Spicer model 44) require the use of a differential spreader in order to achieve the required carrier bearing pre-load during set-up. Stretching the housing casting (or ‘pumpkin’) open by sufficient enough force as to allow extra shim to be added to create the pre-load is the method that the OEM manufacture’s endorse, and most manufacture’s have included special ‘spreader sockets’ in the housing for exactly this purpose.

Insufficient pre-load can result in bearing failure, or ring and pinion failure on any differential, and
possible oil/air leakage issues in an Air Locker Differential. As a part of ARB’s Air Locker Tools range of differential service/installation equipment, this specialty tool offers an easy, quick and highly effective way of pre-loading these axles.

  • Designed by ARB to quickly and easily install onto most shim adjusted automotive differentials.
  • Allows the housing to be stretched in a safe and controllable way which reduces the risk of causing permanent damage to the housing (i.e., from overspreading the housing).
  • Pre-drilled with a hole pattern that suits most of the commonly available axle types.
  • Also suited to pre-loading shim adjusted Banjo style axle assemblies (e.g., Isuzu 26 spline).
  • Comes in a durable carry case with a dedicated powder coated parts tray for easy storage and transport.
  • Economically priced at roughly the labor & materials cost of having to re-preload one axle (i.e., a differential that was set-up without a spreader that is now showing symptoms of under pre-loading).
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Axle Housing Spreader Tool Kit

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