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Painless Wiring Performance Digital Power Manager is no longer available

Painless Wiring Performance Digital Power Manager for Dual Battery

The Digital Power Manager is a weatherproof solid state dual battery control unit that automatically engages an auxiliary battery when a large enough load is placed on the vehicles main battery. The unit will not allow the electrical loads on the vehicle's main start battery to drain the auxiliary battery resulting in a stranded situation for the driver. When the main start battery is too low to crank the engine by itself, the Digital Power Manager will combine the auxiliary and main batteries to crank the engine. Once the engine is running and spinning the alternator again, it will only allow charging of the auxiliary battery after the main battery is fully recharged by the alternator.

This solid state dual battery controller / battery isolator eliminates manual switching or any second guessing when using a secondary battery in any vehicle with a 12 volt system. The unit is capable of switching up to 280 amperes of DC current for large loads such as winches or even when jump-starting another vehicle. Ideal for any vehicle equipped with high power stereo systems, high amp driving lights or winches.. Included in the kit is the weather proof Digital Power Manager, 6 gauge connection cables, terminals, heat shrink, mounting hardware and a remote indicator light.

This solid state battery controller was developed with these great features:

  • Weather proof
  • Under hood temp rated
  • Completely automatic switching
  • Optional indicator light included in kit
  • 6 gauge wire (Two 5 foot lengths of red and One 4 foot length of black)
  • Terminals and heatshrink included
Installation Notes
Installation Difficulty:
Level 2Intermediate
Installation Time: Less than an hour