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PowerTank® HSE-8080 25 Foot Durathane Coil Hose

Catalog #: 92042.9070
PowerTank® Part #: HSE-8080
This ultra duty coiled hose is as high tech as a hose can get. It features a co-extruded shell construction which captures a nylon weave between two separate layers of high durometer Durathane material. This 3-layer process gives the hose an amazing 300 psi working pressure and a 1200 psi burst pressure! Each end uses a nickel plated swivel fitting with a larger ID for maximum flow and a special high pressure rating. It stretches up to 25 feet to reach all four corners of your rig. Color: Translucent yellow with white weave. Keep it out of UV rays in our hose bag to extend its life.