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PowerTank® PTM-0124 Mini Tank System

Catalog #: 92042.9086
PowerTank® Part #: PTM-0124
Have you ever wished you could have the power of a Power Tank but in a tiny version that you could tuck into your car for those roadside emergencies? Or how about a mini air system that you could carry with you while out on your quad or Harley? Well, here it is. At the size of a wine bottle, this little Power Tank MINI packs enough air to inflate (3) SUV tires from flat to road pressure in just a few seconds. If you're running low profile tires you know how critical it is to keep your tire pressures up but sometimes when you need it most air is hardest to find. One Power Tank Mini is like having a 22.5 gallon tank of air compressed to 150 PSI. Padded zippered storage case and tire pressure gauge is included.