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WARN Air-Power VTC (V-Twin Compressor)

The most trusted name in off-roading, WARN®, is now running air support for you. Featuring a full line of powerful, reliable on-board DC-powered air compressors. Whether you're airing up after a run, or just running your air tools, it's time to call in WARN Air-Power.
With an abundance of power from its high-horsepower fan-cooled motor, V-twin configuration, and large one gallon integrated intercooler and reservoir, the Air-Power VTC is the highest-performance compressor in the WARN Air-Power lineup. The VTC is ideal for powering air tools, rapidly airing up everything from tires to rafts, powering air suspension systems, and just about anything else that needs air. It comes with a removable carrying cage so you can easily transport it or hard mount it to a vehicle or trailer. A pressure cut-off switch turns the compressor off when it reaches 100 PSI and back on at low pressure. Add to this a quick-connect hose outlet, and you've got an ultra versatile compressor. With all this power and all of these features, the VTC is a force to be reckoned with.

  • 100 psi peak pressure
  • 8 CFM @ 100 psi / 20 CFM @ 0 psi
  • 30 minute peak continuous run time.
  • Pressure regulator.
  • Thermal Protective Device (TPD)
  • Air hose quick disconnect.
  • Integrated intercooler (1 Gallon Total Capacity)
  • V-Twin Architecture
  • Portable and hard mounted

Power: 12V DC motor
Intercooler/Air Reservoir Size: 1 gallon
Parts Included

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