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Q10000c Competition Winch for Synthetic Line & License Plate Bracket


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Purpose built for serious off roaders, our Competition winch combines the muscle you need with all of the features you want. The smaller drum better utilizes the “power zone” which is the first two layers of line on the drum. Higher layers rob your winch of power so there’s no need to spool rope out to get to it. Our Competition winch is about half the weight of comparably rated winches with 100’ of steel cable. Engineered for Jeep Wrangler, our Competition style winch features a fast line speed of 8.6 feet per minute; a 10,000 lb. pull capacity and weighs only 55 pounds! Lessening vehicle weight frees up horsepower and increased fuel mileage! Comes complete with 50’ of Dyneema® synthetic winch line; an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber that’s soft and flexible yet stronger and more durable than steel cables. Each winch line includes a 6’ ballistic nylon chafe sleeve to protect your winch line from abrasions. Synthetic winch lines are a real game changer in off road recovery. In fact, when properly cared for, Dyneema® winch lines can outlast steel cables. Weight for weight, Dyneema® is 15 times stronger than steel and its light weight significantly improves the ease of handling. It even floats which is an obvious benefit when winching in water conditions. Dyneema® will not rust, kink and lose strength like steel cables. Handling steel cables can sometimes result in wire splinters but synthetic winch lines are much safer and easier to use. In the unlikely event of a synthetic winch line breaking there is virtually no recoil. The ease of handling, increased safety and improved longevity of Dyneema® are why so many off road enthusiasts are making the switch. Each winch line is 3/8” diameter and rated for 18,000 lbs. Other features include a billet aluminum hawse fairlead, deluxe winch hook and Winch Operator’s Guide with helpful information on winching and the care and use of synthetic line. Available in satin black and signal red finishes.

Drilling will be necessary to winch plate or bumper, template is included.

Q-Series Self-Recovery Winch Warranty

WARN Ramsey Superwinch
Model Q10000c 9.0Rc Triple X 6000 Rock 98
Capacity 10000 lbs 9000 lbs 6000 lbs 9800 lbs
Warranty LL/1Y 2Y/1Y LL/1Y LL/3Y
Gear Reduction to 1*** 212 216 90 148
Cable Diameter .375 .375 .375 .375
Cable Length 50' 50' 35' 50'
Line Speed fpm @ 8000#** 8.6 8.0 n/a 4.8
Minimum Cable Rating 18,000 Unknown Unknown 17,600
Motor Draw @ 8000# 300 Amps 458 Amps 405 Amps 445 Amps
Weight 55 lbs 54 lbs 56 lbs 62 lbs
Price $599.99 $1499.99 $868.99 $1059.99
Best in Class Score 7 4 1 3
*Rated at 8500#       **First Layer of Cable
LL= Limited Lifetime         Y= Year
*** Gear Reduction to 1, otherwise known as the "Gear Ratio". A higher numerically gear ratio will provide slower and more powerful pulling while also providing the least amount of amp draw on your battery because the winch motor doesn't need to try as hard. A lower numerically gear ratio will pull faster but also put more amp draw on your battery.

Features Included:
1 Hefty Clutch Control
2 Case Hardened Input Gears To HRC 30-38*
3 Case Hardened Intermediate Gears To HRC 43-48*
4 Case Hardened Output Gears To HRC 43-48*
5 Stainless Steel Hardware Throughout
6 Case Hardened Hex Drive Shaft To HRC 38-42*
7 Load Holding Brake System
8 Winch Drum is Case Hardened To HRC 55-58*
9 High Strength Aluminum Tie Bars
10 Shaft Coupler is Case Hardened To HRC 30-38*
11 Solid Copper and Brass Power Terminals
12 Durable Powder Coat Finish
13 Powerful 4.8 Horsepower Series Wound Motor
14 Heavy Duty Solenoid with 2 Bracket Locations
15 Dyneema® Synthetic Rope 50' x 3/8"
16 Heavy Duty Safety Latch
17 Forged Steel Clevis Hook
18 Nylon Safety Hook Strap
19 High Visibility Rubberized Winch Remote with 12' Cord
20 Solid Copper Battery Cables
21 Aluminum Hawse Fairlead
* Rockwell Hardness.

Installation Notes
Installation Difficulty:
Level 3Advanced

1. Drilling is necessary to winch plate or bumper, template is included.

Installation Time: 1-2 hours
Parts Included

Q10000C Winch
Aluminum Hawse Fairlead
50' x 3/8" Dyneema® Synthetic Rope
Forged Steel Clevis Hook
Nylon Safety Hook Strap
12' Wire Remote Control
Remote Solenoid Box
Motor Mounted Solenoid Box Mount
Center Mounted Solenoid Box Mounts
Installation Hardware
License Plate Bracket

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