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Staun Internal Beadlock Suited for 15" Rim x 7-9" Wide

Staun Products' pneumatic Internal BeadLocks keep the beads in place and tightly secure the tires to the rims. This means that you can run exactly the low pressure you want, and as our tests proved, with no fear of popping a bead or spinning the tire on the rim. Isn't that worthy of being called a low pressure revolution? And not to beat it to death, are you aware that there are very light weight competition rock crawlers that run zero, repeat, zero PSI in their tires! They, along with everyone who owns 16.5” wheels, need a low pressure revolution!
Staun Internal BeadLocks provide a way to lock both the inside and outside tire beads to the rim. No special rims are required. Staun has sizes to fit everything from 9 inch ATV/Quad rims to behemoth 19 inchers!

A fully LOAD RATED inflated tire stands a 99% chance of having none of the problems described above. Period! In other words, when properly inflated, the tires do their job perfectly. That is because high (street) pressure securely locks the tire bead against the rim and eliminates air loss and tire/rim spin. The bead/air loss thing appears to be borne out by the roll tests I've conducted. I've side tilted 5,000 pound 4Xs, to greater than 45°, with fully inflated tires, and never unseated a tire bead or lost any air.

Wouldn't it be perfect if we could apply high pressure right at the tire's beads, independent of the pressure in the balance of the tire? Staun's Internal BeadLock™does exactly that. It is literally a specially reinforced mini-tube right next to the bead. By the way, I use "wheel" to mean the tire (rubber part) mounted on the rim (metal part).

Very simply put, a Staun Internal BeadLock™divides the innards of a tubeless tire into two air chambers. The one nearest the beads holds rubber to metal. This means the remainder of the tire's air space can confidently be inflated or deflated to any pressure you desire baring blowing it, up of course. As the BeadLock's tube inflates through its own valve stem, it expands until it reaches the limits of the polyester reinforcing case assembly . The hefty polyester case top keeps the tube “down” thereby dictating a very low profile. This in turn leaves the remainder of the tire (tire air chamber) to be inflated to your desired pressure. This space accommodates low pressure flex as needed.

Note the air pressure, that force, all the way around, at the beads, is countered by a force at the rim. These two forces pinch the tire beads to the rim, both inside and outside.

A conventional tubeless tire secures the beads to the rim in the same way, but surprisingly enough, the Staun Internal BeadLock™, in conjunction with the tube and case assembly, also take advantage of the holding forces above and below the bead, not just at the bead. The tube and case surround the bead, top to bottom and left to right, bringing all of these forces together to act like a strap. This provides additional bead holding force. It is also why one tire expert recommends that you run tubes in tubeless tires if you air down.

Without the BeadLock™tube, as with a conventional tubeless tire, the lower portion of this "strap" is missing. The top part of the strap is there by virtue of the tire, but there is nothing beneath the bead to complete the “strap effect.”

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