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Jeep Merchandise DVD-054 Jeepers Jamboree: On The Rubicon Trail DVD Hosted by Rick Russell

Catalog #: 96050.25
Jeep Merchandise Part #: DVD-054
This video features the 52nd annual Jeepers Jamboree on the Rubicon Trail. This famous 12 mile trail begins at Georgetown and continues east to Lake Tahoe. The 2004 event included over 300 vehicles from the 3 and 4 day event. 1100 meals were served. This video includes trail footage, the fun at Rubicon Springs, clips of the fabulous entertainment, interviews with dozens of participants and volunteers, aerial footage, breakdowns, and rockcrawling trail action. 95 minutes.

Several families became a part of history when they organized a trip across the Rubicon Trail in 1953. That was the first Jeepers Jamboree and our video crew joined the 52nd Annual Jeepers Jamboree to capture the spirit of the event. The Jeepers Jamboree, now open to any licensed 4x4 vehicle, offers a 3-day or 4-day trip. Our cameras captured the trail action of the 4-day group from Loon Lake to Buck Island Lake on Wednesday. Then on Thursday our camera crew joined the 3-day group at Buck Island Lake and followed the vehicles into Rubicon Springs. If you’ve ever been on the Jeepers Jamboree or thinking about going, this is a must-see video.

On the first day registered participants pick up their lunches at Loon Lake, navigate the rocky trail past Buck Island Lake where a full service repair station is standing by, and slide over the boulders in the Big Sluice before reaching Base Camp at Rubicon Springs. In camp like-minded people share off road adventure stories with one another, dine on tasty meals, wander through the vendor faire and enjoy the evening entertainment. On Sunday everyone breaks camp and heads up Cadillac Hill toward Lake Tahoe. Trail hands or "rock rollers" as they are sometimes called, are ready to assist anyone who needs a little guidance on the Rubicon Trail.

Each year the snowfall closes the Rubicon Trail in late October or early November. The snow melts off in June or July leaving behind a graphic illustration of the power of running water. The general consensus pegs this year's Rubicon Trail as one of the roughest years in memory. The Jeepers Jamboree bypasses the Little Sluice, which has become passable only to those who like to do body work.

The only restrooms between Loon Lake and McKinney-Rubicon Staging area are the outhouses at Rubicon Springs. If your group or club is planning to cross the historic Rubicon Trail and primitive camp outside of Rubicon Springs Campground, it is highly recommended someone carry a portable potty like the Pett. During a holiday weekend, 1,000 campsites can be counted within one mile of Spider Lake and that creates a lot of human waste! When you leave the backcountry, leave only tracks on the trail.

2004. 95 Minutes.

Hosted by Rick Russell

  • Trail Action
  • Fun & entertainment
  • Over 300 vehicles
  • Interviews
  • Big Sluice
  • Starts at Loon Lake
  • Includes 4-Day & 3-Day Trips
  • Cadillac Hill
  • Trail repairs
  • Based on 52nd Annual
  • Open to all types of registered vehicles
  • 5 cameras
  • Historic trail
  • Captures the spirit of event
  • 95 minutes
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