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IPF 4X42 Fatboy II Max White H4 Bulbs

Catalog #: 97018.2210
IPF Part #: 4X42
This bulb is an improvement to IPF’s existing Fatboy bulb by incorporating the latest in lighting technology that results in a brighter, but more efficient low and high beam. The Fatboy II Bulb uses an exotic high-pressure gas mix, coupled with a massive bulb envelope to create to unrivalled brilliance. The unconventional bulb shape provides less loss of light from the filament. A stabilizer rod within the bulb extends the life of the filament even in the harshest of conditions.There are two different color options available, Super Clear and Max White and both are available in pairs or as a single unit.

The Max White bulbs trade a slightly diminished output level for a higher temperature color that mimics that of many H.I.D. bulbs by utilizing a blue tinted glass envelope. These bulbs share a similar draw and have an optically equivalent output of 185 watt low beam and 140 watt high beam.

Installation Notes
Installation Difficulty:
Level 1Beginner
Installation Time: Less than an hour
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