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EF Products Polar-Air Air Conditioning Recharge Kit is no longer available

EF Products Polar-Air Air Conditioning Recharge Kit

The complete Polar Air Kit comes with everything you need to recharge your truck's air conditioner - at the most affordable price ever! This kit includes three 11oz cans of combination Refrigerant, Stop Leak and lubricating oil. A recharge hose with an easy-to-read in-line pressure gauge ensures accurate refill and fittings to retrofit old R-12 to R-134a. If your truck's system leaks, don't sweat it, order this today! The kit has enough refrigerant to last all summer or refill several different trucks. R-134a high and low side retrofit fittings & caps. A third retrofit fitting is included for pre-1976 trucks. EPA approved label and complete bi-lingual instructions.

Please Note: This item ships via ground service only.