We definitely love our JK Wranglers for that go anywhere, do anything attitude. But all that going and doing can come with a price, which is why we offer so may different Armor and Protection parts for the JK Wrangler that just about covers every spot.

Many think of parts like bumpers and side bars as 'clothes' for your Wrangler. So you wouldn't go outside without clothes, right? Then why head out in your Jeep without adequately protecting your vehicle. You can pick something as simple as entry guards to help protect the door sill from gouges and scratches. Or side portection which will keep things like rocks and shopping carts from denting your door panels, while allowing you easier access in and out of your JK Wrangler. Heavier duty parts for those who love spending time on the trail include tough axle protecting components like differential covers, guards and sliders, as well as body covering rocker guards and corner protection. Some even decide to change out their factory-provided skid plates in favor of high strength aluminum or steel parts to protect the Wrangler's fuel tank, transfer case, engine, or transmission.

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